Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I was in a courier shop yesterday to send a parcel and a conversation ensued between the cashier and I after he asked me for a tip. In less than 15 minutes, the middle-aged man had summarized his life history for me. He especially lamented bitterly about the company he presently works for. According to him, a recent assessment revealed to him that he has not achieved any worthwhile thing since he joined the company four (4) years ago. He then decided that he was going to quit the job by the end of this year because it’s certain that his story will remain the same by the end of next year if he doesn’t leave the job. I was so impressed with his realization, resolve and workable plan so much that I congratulated him as if he won a million dollar lottery. I congratulated him because he has seen the need to leave his comfort zone and he’s prepared to pay the price. With that, I’m confident that he will eventually arrive at the level of satisfaction which he desires soon if he sticks to the plan.

Anybody that doesn’t see the need for change when change is highly needed is finished - dead as a dodo. I’m of the opinion that a problem is half solved when you have identified that there is a problem; identification precedes solution. Just as this fed-up cashier, we all should equally assess our lives from time to time (especially now when a year is rounding up and another just around the corner) against our projected benchmarks and then make the necessary moves that’ll take us closer to our “expected ends”. First and foremost, it’s important that you define your expected end in life. If it’s not defined, you might be tempted to settle for anything. Once it’s defined, the expected end will serve as a benchmark which will dictate your direction and steps in life. Once you’re on the right track, it is then pertinent that you periodically assess your growth to see how you’re doing. This should be done as truthfully as possible because you cannot afford to lie to yourself. If you’re doing well, work out ways that will make you do better. If you’re not doing very well, face it and re-strategize. Ask yourself…what is success to me? What contributed to my shortcomings this year? What amends do I have to make to avert possible shortcoming(s) in the coming year? Which areas did I record unprecedented success? Can the success be sustained and improved upon? How can I improve on it? Do I need outright change of location? Do I need outright change of vocation? Do I need outright change of methods? Periodically do a thorough assessment of your individual situation and make corrections and adjustments accordingly where necessary so that the rest of your life can be the best of your life.

I wish you a success-full year 2009.

Saturday, 27 December 2008


My personal research revealed that unsuccessful people are often stagnant; they hate change, in fact majority of them vehemently fight change because of fear of the unknown. On the other hand, the same research revealed that successful people are constantly evolving, constantly creating, constantly exploring, constantly improving, and constantly moving forward; they love change, in fact they thrive on risks and uncertainties. Thus, I postulate that another defining criterion for success is MOTION. Call it a hypothesis, but see what I mean…

It is no news that a body will remain in its state unless it is moved. Similarly, your situation will not change unless you move and you will not record further success unless you keep moving. If you’ve been doing it in a particular way and it’s not giving you the desired results, it simply means the process cannot work. A change of process might be all you need, move on. Even if it’s working, if you want to change the gear of success, you must be innovative enough to keep moving forward so that you can record more success. Constant forward movement is the secret of an ever-improving life. It’s not a one-time activity, it’s an all-time activity. So keep moving on. Keep yearning for change. Never settle for less.

Stagnation adds no value at all, rather it diminishes. When you stop developing or making progress, you will start depreciating. Other retrogressive changes will also occur. When you are stagnant:

1. You start smelling: Stagnant water smells. Insults will start coming in from all quarters because you have tarried on that particular state for too long. Disrespect will set in because people will loose their respect for you as they’ll see you as a loser. Other unpleasant and derogatory experiences will be witnessed. Indeed, stagnation stinks.

2. You start rusting and thereafter go rotten: When disused metals are exposed to water and air, rusting sets in and they consequently disintegrate. Such is the fate of stagnant people too. Inaction caused by stagnation causes rust and rottenness. The brain will no longer be active because it has not been constantly challenged/exercised. The functionalities of all other faculties would start reducing too because they have not been actively put into good use. Some unlucky ones end up loosing their minds. Some loose their health and die through the process. The ending is usually pathetic.

3. Happiness will elude you: You can’t ever be happy if you’re not living your dreams. We all have heart desires and big pictures. When they are not achieved, although you might pretend that all is well on the outside, but on the inside happiness will elude you because you’ll know in your heart of heart that you have failed. You simply trade your happiness for sorrow when you tarry in your comfort zone.

4. You will live a meaningless life: Shouldn’t life be more than living and dying? If you’re stagnant, you can’t ever function in your capacity. And when you’re not functioning in your capacity, you cannot fulfill your purpose in the land of the living. You will constantly be at the mercy of circumstances rather than riding circumstances. You will be bundled willy-nilly without your consent or despite your protests into some pitiable state. At that point, you will not only be failing yourself, you would be robbing the world of your brilliance too.

5. You will become useless: You will agree with me that a living dog will be a better guard than a dead lion. Anything that is not alive and active is dead and useless. Likewise, anything that is not useful is useless. When you’re stagnant, your usefulness reduces day by day. You won’t be able to help anybody since you’re also “limited”. You can’t even have a say in your work place, in your family meetings or anywhere for that matter. People will no longer come to you for advice because they will believe you don’t have anything to offer. You will be ignored and isolated.

6. You will start breeding unpleasant things: Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, toads and frogs to name a few. When you’re stagnant, you will become the haven for unpleasant things. By the virtue of your level, you will start forming alliances with mediocre minds. Unhealthy thoughts and actions will follow. At that point, you will become failure personified. Calamities will keep increasing in leaps and bounds. Unsuccessful things will become your trademark.

7. You will adjust to appalling conditions: When you’re stagnant, you don’t have any other choice but to make do of what is available. It messes up the mind. If care is not taken, you might probably adjust and permanently accept the state as the norm. Creeping then becomes a routine even when you have the capacity to soar. You start managing. Your eagle will begin to eat carcass. At that point, growth stops. No one can help anyone once he/she crosses this line, such a person’s fate would have been sealed.

These are but few dangers of stagnation, the list is inexhaustible. In your own interest, vehemently resist stagnation so that you can attain a level of satisfaction in life.

“The glories we have known are as nothing compared to the glories yet to be. The mightiest achievements of the past dwindle into insignificance besides the conquests still possible.” remarked Robert Heap. You can still do better than you’re doing presently, so why settle for less? Why stand between your self and further conquests by succumbing to the destructive spirit of stagnation? Why rob your future of its potentials? Rethink.

How long have you been living in that same rented apartment? How long have you been on that job? How long have you engaged yourself in that unrewarding vocation? How long have you been celebrating the last success? Whatever the case may be, however peculiar your situation maybe, I bet you have tarried for too long in that state my friend. It’s time to leave your comfort zone. It’s time to move to a higher ground. Even if it’s your religion that’s not working for you, find a religion that works. By all means, at all cost, make a conscious effort to move ahead in life.

Don’t rest on your oars, use them to move your boat through the murky waters of life. Keep dreaming. Keep making giant strides. Keep succeeding.

Friday, 19 December 2008


This world of ours is very delicate. One has to be very careful if one will live long and live well. I have come to realize that one can get himself/herself enemies by just being oneself not to even mention when one is ambitious and excelling. These so-called enemies are relatives, friends, and colleagues that wish they had something that you have. If care is not taken, these jealous associates can hinder you from maximizing your potentials. They are selfish and mean. They use the opportunity of being close to secretly and at times openly cause harm. They can go to any length to inhibit or destroy you simply because you’re outshining them, although they will never openly admit that they are envious of you. They will say terrible things about you just to wreck you. They can even attempt to kill you so as to totally extinguish your dreams. They not only use physical powers, some fight with spiritual means. Scary and bizarre, isn’t it? But that’s just the way it is. From cradle to the grave, it’s warfare all the way. It’s not just peculiar to human beings alone or to our generation, it’s like that for all living things and it has always been like that and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. After all, fish eats fish. Chickens peck each other too. The list is endless.

Shall we then shrink so as to avoid jealousy and consequently harm? Far be it, our playing small does not profit the world. We should still strive to make an impact nevertheless. How can one then possibly escape the wicked devices of the adversaries and their antics of deception? Caution and wisdom are the keys. As the Yorubas will advise, “Bisu eni ba ta, ama n di owo bo jeni” which literally means “If one’s yam yields well, one should eat it quietly without courting attention.” Your exploits should not enter your head so much that you begin to disrespect others; you must be able to balance it. Be cautious. Never make people feel inferior, always treat people with respect and courtesy. Show interests in their affairs but know where to draw the boundary. Be humble. Learn to stomach nonsenses. Be temperate in all things at all times. Thread softly.

As the Yorubas will also say, “Ifura loogun agba” meaning “Cautiousness is the medicine of elders”. Be sensitive. Be on the alert at all times. Be ready for confrontations and most importantly arm yourself “spiritually” too so that you can wrestle successfully against principalities and powers.

I wish you the very best in this battlefield called life. Be well.

Friday, 12 December 2008


Our world is full of people with different colors, different sizes, different temperaments, different upbringings, different religion, different philosophies and beliefs, different abilities, different pursuits, to name a few. Thus, disagreements, insults, careless talks, unfair judgments and hurts are inevitable on a minute basis. If you respond to every offender in a “fire-for fire” mode every time, you probably will be irate every minute which is definitely not a wise move. The inability to ‘stomach nonsenses’ have led some to the grave, it has landed some in prison, some have lost their jobs, some have been maimed, some have been demoted, many marriages have been broken, believe me the result of losing control is always dire. There’s nothing cool in losing control, ‘stomaching nonsenses’ is the solution. Call it stupidity or cowardice if you wish, but I call it wisdom.

Since you are a social being, you’ll always have issues to handle at work, at home, at the market, everywhere and misunderstanding/insults are inevitable every time. Worse still, there are some temptations that your enemies will strategically place in your way to reduce you. When you react to them, they’ll have an occasion against you to prosecute you. But when you keep your cool, you’ll inevitable win the battle. So when insults come, as they sometimes will, stomach them. Don’t just stomach them, purge them out by way of forgiving the offender immediately. Learn to keep your cool in all circumstances.

Avoidance is better than remedy. The only way tranquility can reign in your world is when you stay out of trouble, so don’t wage war against yourself; keep your temperament under control at all times. Guard your tongue. Steer clear of fights. Develop a thick skin to insults so that you can enjoy peace of mind, after all insults cannot stick on your body neither does it make you a loser (it rather makes you the wise one). Learn to stomach ‘nonsenses’ so that you can prosper in the land of the living. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Since the earth revolves, all inhabitants of the earth are usually exposed to different situations per time. It is no news that the rotation of the earth is responsible for day and night and even seasons. Similarly, as good times evolve, bad times unavoidably evolve too. I doubt if anyone has passed through this earth without having to deal with one issue or the other. To say the least, life is not easy. However, no situation is permanent because the earth will revolve again bringing with it another experience. The defining thing is what you do when there is a crisis situation. You can choose to just throw in the towel or manage the crisis. If you let a crisis situation overwhelm you, then you lose. However, if you manage it effectively, you can turn it around for your good. Crises separate winners from losers.

Nobody prays for crisis, but when it comes as it sometimes will, manage it. You might not be able to determine the times, but you surely can decide how you handle it and that will determine your worth. Martin Luther King Jr. rightly pointed out that “the ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in moments of comfort, but where he or she stands in times of challenge and controversy.”

Experience has taught me that no crisis situation is as terrible as it first appears and that every crisis situation has its own lessons and advantages, just that you must be objective enough to discover them. When faced with a crisis situation, still keep your cool. Think clearly, objectively and optimistically and you’ll be able to find solution(s) to the seemingly dreadful situation. Shockingly, you’ll even find some good in the bad situation. So whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever the crises may be, however mighty and threatening the crises may be, don’t give in. Suicide is never an option. Crime is never an option. Crying is not an option. Effective management of the crisis situation is your best bet.

Don’t let any crisis situation rob you of your dreams. Be indomitable. Be optimistic. Be objective. Be innovative. Be patient. Be successful.

Friday, 21 November 2008


I have been around a little and I have seen. I’m of the opinion that nothing happens by chance. To win a prize, a price must be paid. While thinking of the several prices of success, I concluded that the ultimate price for enviable success is DISCIPLINE. Call me a moralist, but see what I mean…

The reason why majority fail to accomplish their set goals is because they are not disciplined enough to follow through. No accomplishment worthy of the name can ever be achieved and sustained without discipline (It’s one thing to attain an objective, it’s another to retain it. It’s no news that great men and women often fall because of indiscipline.). To lose weight, you must be disciplined enough to exercise regularly and probably place yourself on a diet. To succeed in your education, you must be disciplined enough to read hard and carry out assignments. To succeed in your vocation, you must be disciplined. To stay healthy, you must be disciplined. To fund a project, you must be disciplined enough to save for it. To succeed in sports generally, you must be disciplined enough to practice even when your body needs rest or when it’s not convenient. You’ll never get anywhere working for yourself if you’ve got no discipline. To even clinch a ticket for heaven (for those who believe in life after death), you must be disciplined. The list is endless. To achieve any worthwhile goal, you must be disciplined enough to stick to the plan and ideals. In a nutshell, you cannot possibly go far in life without discipline. Discipline is omnipotent.

Even animals are disciplined. Generally, all animals are disciplined enough to source for food to feed their young. Ants are disciplined enough to gather and store their food. Spiders are disciplined enough to set traps at odd hours for survival. The list is endless. If mere animals can be disciplined, you should be more disciplined for your own good. The dividends of discipline are innumerable among which are peace of mind, good health, bliss-full life and success-full life.

There are distractions and temptations everywhere and they can extinguish destinies. For instance, fashion has gone awry these days and unfortunately there are beautiful ladies in different sizes and shapes everywhere (lots of laugh). The era of wearing underpants have passed for most ladies, they’ve since migrated to the “g-strings” era. Some have even improvised, they no longer see the need to wear underpants or g-strings. Before it was only guys that sag trousers, but now ladies have joined the game. Before now, some ladies have the habit of opening some buttons to expose the cleavage, but now some don’t even wear bras anymore. You will agree with me that there are lots of distractions for men who are moved by what they see (lots of laugh). As a man, you cannot stop all ladies from indecent dressing, but you can choose to discipline your eyes, your feet and your tongue from “inviting trouble” (Word!). Distractions/temptations are adversaries, fight them. Discipline is the antidote.

You are not alone. Personally, I also have some issues to deal with. Writing has consistently exposed me to some areas of my life that needs improvement and I’m gradually becoming a better person because I don’t want to coach others to achieve a successful life while I’ll be found wanting. Discipline is a life-long struggle against self.

Discipline is everything. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do something that is not in your own interest. You don’t have to do anything that is morally wrong. Be disciplined.

Who’s in control of your life? What’s in control of your life? Save yourself of future regrets by resisting the “sins” that easily beset you before they destroy you. Steer clear of destiny extinguishers. Get on the driver’s seat! Take charge of your life! Partner with destiny! Succeed!

Friday, 14 November 2008


Why do some civil servants collect bribe? Why do some politicians embezzle public funds? Why do some lecturers extort students? Why do some married folks commit adultery? Why do some brilliant youths involve themselves in crime? Why do some beautiful ladies from respectable families sleep around? Why are some law enforcement agents corrupt? Those were the questions that filled my thoughts earlier this week which in turn gave birth to this write-up. After some deep thinking sessions, I concluded that the chief reason why people involve themselves in despicable acts is because they are not contented with what they have. Call it another fib, but see what I mean…

A man that is not contented with what he has might be tempted to steal. A lady/woman that loves money might find it hard refusing rich men. An extravagant civil servant might be tempted to collect bribe. An impatient youth might resort to fraud/crime. A power-loving new entrant into a university might be tempted to join secret cult. The list is endless. Discontentment begets covetousness which in turn begets evils.

If you want to achieve true success and lasting peace, you must be contented with your position per time. This is not to say that you should rest on your oars, you should strive to improve your situation legitimately instead of cutting corners. Cutting corners robs you of your potentials. It can even mar your destiny. The repercussions of cutting corners are unrest, regrets and pains. Instead of using your ingenuity negatively, use it positively. Map out a workable plan that will make you independent and follow through though the heavens fall.

If your income is not enough to meet your needs, strive to leave the position for a better position where you can stand on your own without having to collect bribe, embezzle public funds or look up to anybody for favors. Be contented with your spouse, develop him/her to your standard if you have to. In any situation you find yourself, be contented. Crime is never an option. Don’t envy others. Be happy with what you have where you are and use that base to launch yourself to a higher height where you can function in your capacity. Maximize the opportunities where you are. Maximize your potentials. Be the best you can be.

Don’t throw away the glorious future ahead of you. You will eventually get all the beautiful things you covet with time if you stick to the plan. Be patient, all will be well.

Friday, 7 November 2008

CLARION CALL – a prose by Ibukunolu Ishola

Man is Universe’s beneficiary, yet few possess their rightful possessions.
Nature is lavish, yet few live in abundance.
The laws were made for Man’s good, yet the laws work against Man.
Herbs were made for Man to heal his diseases, yet Man abuses drugs to his detriment.
The Creator endowed Man with wisdom to re-create, instead Man manufactures weapons of destruction and uses same on self.
Man is blessed with innumerable natural resources, yet many nations fail to properly utilize them for their good.
What an irony; a mockery of creation, a sheer wickedness to self.

Oh what an otiose round of pursuits we often engage ourselves in,
Oh what needless pain we bear,
Oh what peace we often forfeit,
All because we are not functioning in our capacities.

Why should the custodians of the Universe be living as tenants? It shouldn’t be.
Let’s return to the ideal situation.
Let’s accept responsibility.
Let’s seek restoration.
Let’s right the wrongs.
Let’s heal our Land.
Let’s harness our resources.
Let’s maximize our potentials.
Let’s create abundance and live in it.
Let’s love one another.
Let’s live together in perfect harmony.
Let’s emancipate ourselves.
Let’s change our world (individually and collectively).
Let’s rule our world.
The time is now.

Friday, 31 October 2008


I know of a gardener who earns a meager salary of N7,000.00 (approximately $60) in a month and he’s loving it (he’s not complaining). The area earmarked for only him to keep despite his age is so large that his work is tantamount to slavery especially because he uses cutlass and not lawnmower. I once advised him to leave the work and use his strength to farm instead, but he told me blatantly that he hates risks and that he prefers to wait till month end for the small thing that comes to him. He refers to himself as a poor man and he has gladly accepted his fate. His feeling of negativity is even contagious. He walks kilometers to and from work every working day. On a particular sunny afternoon, I stopped a taxi for him with the intention of paying his fare only for him to tell me that he prefers to trek. He however asked me to give him the money instead so that he could buy some cigarettes with it. I was tempted to slap him but I resisted the urge because he’s old enough to be my father. I then concluded that his mindset is his archenemy and that if I’ll ever make a positive impact in his life, I must help him renew his mind. I’m still on the mission and I won’t give up on him.

I also remember a middle aged man with four (4) kids that I tried to help sometimes ago. I observed that he had no other means of livelihood other than farming. He was really suffering and I pitied his wife and kids especially. So I approached him to discuss about his situation and to devise a way of escape from the poverty that plagued his family. I was shocked to learn that he was skilled in three (3) different vocations (auto mechanic, vulcanizing and wheel balancing/alignment). I asked him to pick any of the three vocations he could start right away if he had access to some funds and he picked vulcanizing. He told me he was even saving to fund the plan. I was so impressed with his story that I gave him a substantial sum to buy the engine he needs to start up. He thanked me wholeheartedly and promised to keep me posted with developments. Believe me, that was the last time we ever conversed because he has been avoiding me ever since. I bet he must have squandered the money because his situation has not improved and he didn’t ever start vulcanizing. The thought still rips my heart apart. I blame myself for not brainwashing him before giving him the money, it would have made a difference.

With these two instances I narrated above and others too numerous to mention on these pages, I have reasonably concluded that there’s no way one can help someone with a messed up mentality, except through brainwashing. If you give such person money or other valuable resources, chances are that they will be squandered. And that’s why I strongly believe that of all the plagues that can befall a man, the losing of one’s mind is the worst of it all. Once the mind is lost/messed up, the person’s destiny is sealed because no one can possibly go farther than his thoughts.

The mind (“the part of a person that makes them able to be aware of things, to think and to feel: the conscious/subconscious mind” OR “the particular way that somebody thinks” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) is the seat of reason and creativity. The mind conceives ideas and then summons the other faculties to bring them to fruition. No one can succeed without a sound mind. As tiny as the rudder is (compared to the size of the ship), it still controls the direction of the ship. Similarly, the mind controls the whole body, actions and reactions of humans. Thus, the first step in the process of emancipation is renewing one’s mind and the need for it to be done from time to time cannot be overemphasized.

Flush out negative thoughts constantly: Refuse to believe that life is harsh. Refuse to believe that you can’t change your fortune. Refuse to believe that you can’t emancipate yourself from mediocrity. Refuse to believe that you can’t challenge the status quo. Refuse to believe that you can’t change the course of history. Refuse to believe that you do not deserve better than where you are. Vehemently reject mediocrity. Vehemently reject failure.

Let in positive and constructive thoughts constantly: Read new books. Learn new ropes. Go via uncharted waters. Rub minds with great minds to discuss ideas. You must believe that life is beautiful. You must believe that nature is lavish (All resources are in surplus: there’s plenty of land for every living human being to build on, there’s plenty of water for every living thing to drink, there are plenty of herbs to cure our diseases, there’s plenty of food [plants and animals] for all to eat to satisfaction. The list is endless). You must believe there are opportunities everywhere. You must believe in possibilities. You must believe in miracles. You must believe that dreams come true. You must believe in love. And most importantly, you must believe in yourself.

Once your mind is renewed, you’ll have clear direction and tactic, fresh energy and enthusiasm to pursue your dreams which will in turn usher in miracles. It is thus evident that to change your world, all you might simply need to do is to change your mindset.

Think change? Think mind-renewal.

Friday, 24 October 2008


Without the laws, our world would definitely be in chaos. Imagine how our world would be if it’s not unlawful to rape…women will probably be living in caves in distant islands! Imagine if it’s not unlawful to kill fellow humans…life will constantly be snuffed out of multitudes on a daily basis. Imagine if it’s not unlawful to steal…the strong would constantly take advantage of the weak, the lazy ones won’t even have to work, they’ll just wait for others to work while they’ll steal from them thereafter. The list is endless. Knowing fully well what Man is capable of, the Master Planner puts laws in place so that we may live meaningful lives. These laws are implanted in everyone as CONSCIENCE (the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) to keep us in check. But still, we ignore the suggestions of the Still Voice inside us many times in order to satisfy our lust. What a farce! Whereas, the laws were made for Man’s good; the laws were made not as a punitive measure but to guide Man into his divine destiny. The obedience of the laws leads to a successful life while disobedience attracts the corresponding reward(s) called repercussion(s). Personally, I’ll be lying without conscience if I say I’m not guilty of breaking some laws in the past or that I’m still not vulnerable of breaking some even now. But I keep reminding myself that if I’m to attain and retain the great height that I covet, I MUST live right and that puts me in check. Thus, this is a call for everyone (irrespective of religion) desirous of success in this life and in the life hereafter (if you so believe) to keep the laws.

What are the laws? What are the benefits of keeping the laws? Are there punishments for not keeping the laws?

Simply put, a law is a rule for good behavior; the transgression of which is SIN (Sin is the act of breaking a religious or moral [concerned with principles of right and wrong behavior] law according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). Anything your conscience doesn’t judge right is wrong. As important as the subject is, law is even studied in tertiary institutions. Sadly enough, with millions of lawyers and other law enforcement agencies, even with endless sermons of religious leaders, naughty Man still transgresses against the laws to his own detriment. It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

The benefits of keeping the laws are innumerable. If I’m to summarize, I’ll say it’s the pathway to peace, happiness, good health and success-full life.

And yes, there are repercussions for not keeping the laws; some of which are eternal. For instance, the moral law says “don’t commit fornication/adultery”…but go ahead and commit fornication/adultery and you’ll be at the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. For the female folks, it may even be unwanted pregnancy or worse still, it could cost you your marriage (in the case of married women). For men, whichever way you look at it, the pursuit of multiple women subtracts from you; it takes your time, funds, energy, name it…really there’s no pursuit as expensive as the pursuit of women. Another moral law says “don’t steal”…but go ahead and steal and woe betides you should you be caught by angry mobs, you might never live to tell the tales. Even if you’re eventually handed over to the law enforcement agents, you’re likely to be prosecuted and thereafter jailed. Another law says “don’t rape”... but go ahead and rape and woe betides you should you be caught, you might have to cool off for sometime in prison. Another moral law says “don’t kill”…but go ahead and kill and you’ll likely face the capital punishment. The list is endless. In a nutshell, disobedience to any law yields unpleasant dividend(s); it derails one from the success path and inevitably attracts nothing but unrest, guilt, sorrow-full life and worse still it can jeopardize where one spends his eternity. So, it’s not wise at all to indulge in breaking the laws, it’s not worth it; the pleasures of sin are not commensurate to the repercussions it attracts; it’s destructive.

So, live right if you want to be successful in this life and in the life hereafter. Let him that hath an ear hear: keep the laws and prosper OR transgress against the laws and face the repercussions thereafter. Decide your fate; it’s your call.

Friday, 17 October 2008


It’s only the living that can dream, plan, act and accomplish in the land of the living, the dead can do nothing. However, it’s not all the living that can run around in the pursuit of their goals, it’s only those that are in good health that can. Thus, it is evident that good health is very crucial to success. But alas, little is often said about the importance of safeguarding one’s health in the quest for success in motivational/success books. Whereas health is EVERYTHING; when health is lost, all is lost. Hence, the need to remind the living of the importance of their health to the attainment of their dreams comes as a welcoming idea.

The human system can be likened to a machine. Although amazing in its operations, the human system is still prone to damages/break down like every other machine. To avoid down time, the human system needs to be serviced constantly. During the down time, it needs to be fixed so that it won’t pack up completely. Unfortunately, many pursue their dreams at the expense of their health. Worse still, many jeopardize their health with their reckless lifestyles. Sadly, it’s not all damages to the system that can be rectified, some are terminal. Isn’t it sheer stupidity then for anyone to behave as if life has a duplicate? The answer is affirmative.

Ill health is a threat to dreams. Worse still, death is an extinguisher of dreams. Thus, the need for you to safeguard your health in order to stay alive and healthy cannot be overemphasized because every other pursuit depends on it. By safeguarding your health, you’re simply safeguarding your dreams.

Clearly, there’s no substitute for good health. Since your body is not immune to damages, it is only wise that you steer clear of anything that can jeopardize your health or even cut short your life. Learn more about your body and do all you can to safeguard it; spiritually, physically, psychologically. Take out time to relax regularly. Sleep well. Eat well. Exercise well. And most importantly, forsake your enemies: cigarette, too much of alcohol intake, indiscriminate sex, too much of sugar intake, hard drugs, to name a few. Discipline yourself for the sake of your dreams.

It’s only when you’re alive and healthy that you can be success-bound. So, it is imperative that you adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to feature in the future you’ve pictured. Be wise.

Friday, 10 October 2008


We are living in an all-inclusive world (All that we need to survive and thrive are embedded in our dependable world. Every material Man needs to recreate everything he needs is embedded in our world. All that Man needs to solve his problems are embedded in our world). Yet, only a fraction of the world’s population lives in abundance and dominance. While probing for the cause of the shortfall, I concluded that majority do not dig deep enough to discover and exploit the needed materials for their independence. Call it homespun philosophy, but see what I mean…

No doubt, the Architect of our world is wise. He knew that life will obviously lose its meaning if man gets all he wants without thinking or working for it. Imagine…how would our world be if crude oil were to be fetched from streams? How would our world be if gold were to be grown like maize? How would our world be if diamonds were to be plucked like apples? How would our world be if sufficient food for each day were to be delivered to our doorsteps every morning? There wouldn’t have been any reason to think, work or to be prudent. Furthermore, Man would have been robbed of the opportunity to recreate for himself what he desires from the raw materials nature has in store. So in order for Him not to spoon-feed Man, the Creator made all that Man needs in the same world where Man lives but hid them from Man (every natural resource and endowment is often concealed, although the depth of concealment may differ from resource to resource, from endowment to endowment and from location to location). It’s now left for Man to discover and utilize the hidden resources for his good or perhaps suffer amidst plenty. If Man will ever exploit the hidden resources available to him, he must dig deep.

Imagine the number of lives malaria fever must have claimed before the discovery of its cure. Imagine the number of children polio must have maimed before the vaccine was discovered. Imagine the number of lives tuberculosis must have claimed before the discovery of its cure and vaccine. Yet, the vaccine and the cure for these diseases had always been with Man, just that they were hidden from Man. When scientists and researchers eventually dug deeper, they finally came up with the vaccine and the cure for these diseases. And that’s why I firmly believe that there’ll be vaccine and total cure for Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other dreaded incurable diseases someday, just that scientists and researchers must dig deeper.

Imagine the world without crude oil. Yet, the natural resource eluded us for centuries despite the fact that we’ve always had huge reservoir of it beneath us. I reiterate that the Creator has made provision for all our needs, just that Man must find and use the provisions to “recreate” to suit his needs. For instance, the Creator only made crude oil, but Man refines it to get petrol, diesel, gas, bitumen to name a few which Man uses for different purposes. Alas, countless natural resources are yet to be discovered. Man has not even been able to maximize the usage of the ones that have been discovered. Hence, the reason for Man to dig deeper to find more answers.

To heal ourselves of our diseases, to make available our needs, to amass wealth, to fulfill our purpose, to live our dreams, we (individually and collectively) need to dig deeper than ever. Even in our personal lives, the ability to dig deeper in the pursuit of the target will eventually separate winners from losers. The quest will definitely not be easy though, it’ll call for effort, determination, patience and sacrifice. I’m of the opinion that if the reward is good enough, the problems shouldn’t matter. Besides, as the Yorubas will say, “Eni ti o ba fe je oyin inu apata kii wo enu aake.” (which literarily means “The person that wants to eat the honey in the rock does not look at the mouth of the axe”). Every achievement worthy of the name has its price.

Are you about giving up on that research? Please don’t, many destinies are tied to the discovery. Keep digging into your mind and environment, the solution which you seek is there but for discovery. Are you about giving up on finding a good job? Please don’t, keep digging for employment opportunities; jobs are always there, but for discovery. Are you about giving up on the solution to a challenge? Please don’t, the solution is there but for discovery. Whatever the pursuit maybe, keep digging till you attain. Don’t stop inches away from your breakthrough. Don’t dig amiss; dig right, dig smart.

Keep digging. Keep finding. Keep succeeding.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Confession goes a long way in determining success or failure in any undertaking. Your thoughts and the words that eventually proceed out of your mouth (which is an indication of the state of your mind) have a lot to do with how things eventually turn out for you. Many have unknowingly sentenced themselves to perpetual poverty because of their repeated affirmations. Many often remain stagnant because of their confessions. Many fail in situations where they could easily succeed because of their confessions. Thus, it is evident that the mind and the tongue can both be the enemy. Call me a self-proclaimed shrink, but see what I mean…

Naturally, you can’t plant thorns and expect to reap oranges; it contradicts the law of sowing and reaping. In the same vein, you cannot store up thoughts of failure in your mind, affirm defeat and then expect to succeed; it contradicts the natural law. Your thoughts and words are very powerful; invisible, yet potent. Once you conjure it and you eventually let it out, your words permeate your subconscious mind to impress upon it your confession. Negative thoughts and utterances snuff out life from possible situations, while positive thoughts and utterances give life and momentum to situations. So in the long run, irrespective of your religion, you’ll end up having what you’ve been thinking and confessing. Thus, it is pertinent that you think and speak positively so that you can always achieve positive results.

If you’ve been adversely affected by wrong confessions in the past, all you need to do to simply change your fortune is to change your mindset and utterances; unwind the bad thoughts and affirmations and then re-suggest and re-impress positively on your mind. When you believe you can, your subconscious mind begins to suggest solutions to the seemingly impossible task(s) and before you know it, the impossible will become possible; it’s invincible.

Our Universe favors those who think and confess positively; it’s magical. Irrespective of your situation, be positive always and you’ll be surprised at how the universe will turn around everything for your good. The result(s) may not come instantaneously, but it’ll manifest with time.

Keep saying it. Keep believing it. Keep making it.

Friday, 26 September 2008


Focusing on the odds instead of the possibilities is undoubtedly one of the enemies of progress. Many lose momentum in the pursuit of their dreams because they focus on the odds instead of the possibilities. Worst still, many totally give up on their dreams because they focus on the odds instead of the possibilities. On the other hand, it can be safely concluded that focusing on the possibilities instead of the odds is one sure way to clinch success. Call it a desultory thought, but see what I mean…

Since there are two sides to a coin, I totally agree that it’s only natural for you as a rational human being to think of the possible outcomes of an action before taking action. However, it should be noted that you’ll totally lose out if you don’t take action at all; you’ll end up losing all (100%) the probability of winning. Besides, there’s no foolproof course of action. Even in the bid to decide something by chance using the coin, you cannot determine the side of the coin (the head or the tail) that will be facing upwards until it’s tossed. So, it’s still important that you take action even in the face of glaring odds. Stop thinking “What if it doesn’t work?”, start thinking “What if it works?”. Be optimistic at all times.

Is it that you want to start a new business and you’re scared of investing your capital because of fear of failure? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if the business flourishes? What if it’ll liberate me from the shackles of “slavery”? What if it’ll help me achieve financial independence?

Is it that you want to launch an album and you’re scared of investing on it because you think the album might not sell well? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if I end up selling millions of copies of the album? What if it’s the album that’ll make me a celebrity? What if it’ll open more doors for me?

Is it that you want to bid for a project and you’re scared of wasting your resources and time should you lose? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if I win the bid for the project? Or worse still, what if I lose this particular bid and win another in the future based on the experience I must have acquired while bidding for this particular project?

Whatever your situation may be, whatever you plan to embark on, don’t give up without trying. There’ll always be reasons why you shouldn’t embark on your plans and you’ll forever limit yourself if you give in to them (playing safe will prevent you from moving to the next level). At all times, irrespective of your circumstances, concentrate only on the possibilities (blindfold yourself to the odds) and then you’ll have enough reasons to take action. And when you act, the probability of losing will no longer be 100% because you would have conquered inertia. Even when you try and you happen to lose, you would have learnt valuable lessons that will equip you for the next try.

However, your sense of judgment must be sound. Think through before embarking on any action, there are times when a retreat is not cowardice but wisdom. Caution is the watchword, be wise.

Dream well. Think well. Plan well. Focus well. Act well. Succeed well.

Friday, 19 September 2008


It is no secret that everybody wants to succeed in life. Everybody can actually succeed, but alas, everybody can’t succeed because many will give up on their dreams. Call me a prophet of doom, but see what I mean…

Life is not easy; never was, never will. As a matter of fact, show me a man whose life is challenge-free and I’ll show you a vegetable. Every objective worthy of the name is usually attached with strings called challenges. Life itself is full of challenges and when challenges come, as they sometimes will, only a fraction of dreamers withstand them. While thinking of the reasons why many concede defeat, I concluded that the chief is the lack of an ingredient called DESIRE in the quest for actualizing the objective. Desire (“a strong wish to have or do something” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) is the basis for initiating and executing any objective and once it’s lacking, the dreamer may likely relinquish the objective in the face of challenges. To pull through any challenging situation, the desire to attain the objective must be strong enough. Thus, this is a call for everyone desirous of meaningful success in life to reinforce their desires.

When faced with challenges, you need reasons why you should not give up on your objective, and it’s only your desire(s) that can give you the guts to confront and surmount the challenges. Personally, it’s too late for me to give up on my dreams in life; I’ve crossed the Rubicon. My strong desire to succeed fuels my ambition; it keeps me going even in the face of discouragements and challenges. And I have resolved that “so long as there’s a breath in me, that long I will persist till I join the caucus of successful people”. Even when my strength fails me, as it sometimes does, my strong desire won’t let me relinquish my dream still. Desire is everything; it’s omnipotent. Thus, I encourage you to reinforce your desire for success.

What is your goal and what is the challenge debarring it? Is it to proffer solution to a seemingly impossible task? Is it to save for an expensive, long-term project? Is it to attain a lofty height? Is it to attain financial independence? Is it to reach the zenith of your career? Is it to build a happy home? Or is it to sustain your marriage? Whatever it is, reinforce your desire to achieve the objective, and you’ll be amazed that from somewhere the wherewithal to pull through will be bestowed on you. You bet.

Keep dreaming. Keep desiring. Keep pursuing. Keep achieving.

Friday, 12 September 2008


While thinking of a topic to write on during the week, I remembered the theme of the just concluded youth convention of my church and that settled it. Although I couldn’t attend the convention, the theme “Soar, eagle, soar.” alone inspired me. Come with me as I decipher the theme...

The theme comprises of two words namely “eagle” and “soar”. The eagle is one of the largest and most powerful birds in the world. A magnificent creature, an eagle is characterized with speed, strength, power, majesty, boldness, dependability, courage, great vision, singleness of purpose, tenderness, faithfulness, ferocity, and great daring. This amazing bird lives in high altitudes. Practically, eagles soar (to “soar”, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, means to rise quickly and smoothly up into the air, OR to fly very high in the air or remain high in the air.) higher than any other bird because they understand the ways of the thermal currents and they use it to their advantage (It doesn’t waste energy unnecessarily, but moves with speed at the most appropriate time; that way it can maintain flight for lengthy periods without undue exertion.). Eagles also have the ability to use the force of the storm to their advantage. And probably the most impressive quality of the eagle is the bird’s remarkable ability to renew its youth. (To read more about eagles, I recommend Bill Newman’s book titled “Soaring with Eagles”).Thus, the eagle is an important symbol for leaders and achievers everywhere.

We human beings can be likened to eagles. Like eagles, we have wondrous capabilities that we can harness to get to the summit. But alas, many men are crawling when they have the capacity to soar. Thus, the theme “Soar, eagle, soar.” is a clarion call urging crawling eagles to utilize their prowess. And the message is clear:

1. Never give up on your dreams, never settle for less.
2. Never give in to adversity, instead harness it to your advantage.
3. Never work hard, work smart.

Sometimes, the hustling and bustling of our world overwhelm us to the extent that we forget who we really are. You are an eagle by making; don’t let your present situation cloud your reasoning. You will agree with me that no reputable manufacturer will release a defective product in its name to the market. Likewise, your Maker wouldn’t have released you into the world if you had not been implanted with all that you need to thrive (Existence will even be a mere mockery if incomplete and incompetent beings were actually created and thrown into the world to survive in a harsh environment.). The fact that you made it outside the womb is an indication that your making was a success. The fact that you’re not maximizing your potentials doesn’t negate the fact that you’ve been implanted with diverse talents. The fact that you’re not using your wings doesn’t negate the fact that the wings are there. I don’t know your height, weight, sex, race, family background, financial situation nor your geographical location but I’m persuaded that you are an amazing being. You are whole and complete – a masterpiece. In actual fact, you are a god. Your abilities are untold. You don’t have limitations except the ones you place on yourself. You can turn around any situation you find yourself. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.

We’re often tempted to think that we’ll do better if we have better/more talents. I contest the notion. You don’t need all the gifts in the world to make a difference, all that you need is all that you have. Use them to the fullest, be the best you can be with them. You might not be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan nor sing like Celine Dion but you sure can function in the capacity into which you’ve been called with your peculiar gift(s). So the challenge is discovering your gift(s) and your purpose. Once you discover your gift(s) and purpose, work on them tenaciously and before you know it, you’ll be caught up in the air and you’ll soar effortlessly to heights only eagles attain. I know of a minister in person of Bishop David Oyedepo who acquired a private jet many years ago without much ado. He just acquired a second private jet recently and he’s still waxing stronger financially. Yet, he’s not a bank executive neither is he a politician that usurped public funds, he’s just a minister (That’s what happens when you use your gift(s) to pursue your ordained purpose - you’ll soar effortlessly.). No doubt, Bishop David Oyedepo is an eagle and it’s apparent that he’s using his wings. You don’t have an excuse too, your wings are there for you to use. So discover your innate gifts, hone them, and use them to the full.

Isn’t it funny that we have beggars on the streets of New York? Thus, it is evident that location doesn’t confer wealth nor freedom, every individual decides his/her fate. This is a reawakening call for all and sundry. Don’t waste/underutilize your talents. The world is not benefiting from your crawling, rise! You are an eagle, so act like one.

Be reminded that, like every steward, you’ll give account of the usage of your gift(s) to your Maker someday. Thus, it is pertinent that you make the best use of them while you’re still breathing. Redefine your dreams, it’s time to move up to a higher ground. It’s time to maximize your potentials so that you can live a better, nobler and more harmonious life.

You can do it, it’s in you. Summon your powers, summon your intellect, it’s time to soar! Spread your awesome wings, leap into the air, effortlessly but powerfully flap your wings and then simply soar to the higher realm where you rightfully belong.

Soar, eagle, soar!

Friday, 29 August 2008


Some people you envy today might end up being spectators tomorrow, while some that appear slow today might end up attaining and retaining lofty heights. Call it an ambiguous statement, but see what I mean…

Clearly, direction is more important than speed. If you’re heading towards the wrong direction, you might end up getting “somewhere” though, but certainly not where you ought to be if you had followed the right direction; the probability of reaching your desired destination would be slim. But if you’re heading towards the right direction, even if your pace is slow, you have a higher probability of reaching your desired destination. Thus, it is evident that life is a race and that there are different kinds of races in life. And these different kinds of races inevitably lead to different destinations. As such, before racing aimlessly in life, it is pertinent that you identify the right race to be run. It is equally important that you adhere to the track. And finishing the race is mandatory if you must receive the ultimate prize; there’s no shortcut to long-lasting success.

This behooves us to critically assess our lives. Pause. Have you been able to identify the reason for your existence (Why are you breathing? What is your purpose in the land of the living?)? What are your plans to accomplish your purpose? Is the race you’re running in line with your plan(s)? Will it lead to fulfillment and sustainable success eventually? All these demand reckoning. If you’re not on the right track, endeavor to retrace your steps. If you’re on the right track however, keep moving.

When running your race, ensure you don’t entertain distractions nor envy others. Be reminded that you are not in it with anybody; as your purpose and chosen track differs, so does your arrival time. As the Yorubas will say, “ma gun esin elesin sare” (which literally means “don’t ride another person’s horse to run”). You will eventually get to your desired destination, just stick to your race and track. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not going at the desired pace, the most important thing is that you’re on the right track; getting to the destination slow and steady via the right track is more important than speeding towards the wrong direction, so keep moving.

It is my wish that the rest of your life will be the best of your life. But I can only admonish, it’s left for you to run the race set before you (your direction, preparations, zeal, and the tenacity with which you run the race will determine the prize you’ll receive at the end) to victory or to defeat. Walk the talk, it’s all about you.

Peace and love.

Friday, 22 August 2008


You can never realize the vast opportunities and provisions available to help you further your cause until you commit yourself. Once you commit yourself, things will begin to take shape. I’m not just bluffing, I have some personal conquest experiences to back up my theory. Come with me as I prove my point…

During my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) year, I was posted to a remote village in Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria for my primary assignment and I took it without fear knowing fully well that I was going to survive wherever I was posted and it turned out that I not only survived, I thrived. Weeks after my arrival, after careful appraisals (I looked for the need of my fellow corps members as well as the community and I decided to fill the need), I invested the little savings I had into digital photography to survive. Although I didn’t hit it big in Imo State, but one thing that remains significant is the fact that I never lacked bread throughout my service year. The digital photography business took me round Imo State and I was privileged to meet the crème de la crème, one of whom is the erstwhile Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Barr. Noel Agwuocha Chukwukadibia. I later got close to his family and the wife was so impressed with what I was doing that she gave me a fully furnished shop (with furniture, air conditioner, carpet, to name a few) inside Imo State University, Owerri which I used free of charge as my studio for seven (7) solid months before I left Imo State. Call it a miracle, but the truth is that I couldn’t have met the woman if I had not diverted into digital photography and she wouldn’t have released the shop to me for free if she had not seen any commitment on my part.

The same feat repeated itself in Abuja, Nigeria. When I finished my NYSC, I worked briefly for a month in Ibadan before taking off to Abuja in search of greener pastures. Initially when I got to Abuja, I was doing “my thing” in an open park - Millennium Park (believe me I had to swallow my pride). Just two weeks after my arrival in Abuja, I met an artist extraordinaire in the park who offered to share her gallery with me free of charge. As if that was not enough, barely three months after my arrival in Abuja, I got a fully furnished office space (with furniture, air conditioner, carpet, to name a few) in Lagos House ,77, Ralph Sodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja for free too! I used this facility for months as my studio before I took a detour out of Abuja (for “doubting Thomases”, contact me for details and I’ll be glad to give you more information). Call it another miracle, but the truth remains that I couldn’t have met the “good Samaritan” that gave me the office space for free if I had not left Ibadan for Abuja and she wouldn’t have given me the office space if she had not seen any commitment on my part.

Do you need any other evidence before you believe in the power of commitment? Verily I say unto you, there are miracles in the offing waiting for your commitment. There are free offices waiting to be occupied. There are free grants waiting to be claimed. There are sponsors looking for whom to help. There are loans waiting to be taken. There are investors looking for where to invest. There are bachelors searching for committed spinsters. There are employers looking for committed employees to enthrone. There are publishers looking for good materials to publish and market. There are banks looking for good proposals to fund. There are music producers looking for talented and committed artists to promote. The list is endless. All you need to do is to commit yourself to your goal, and then providence will take it from there.

I’m not alone on this theory, a thinker in person of William Murray said something similar. Hear him: “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issue from the decision raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, and meetings, and material assistances which no man could have dreamed would come his way.” His words are omnipotent and it can work for you if you plug-in to its eternal precept.

Stop waiting for a miracle, initiate the miracle by committing yourself to your objective. Move providence! Succeed!

Friday, 15 August 2008

I DARE YOU – A prose by Ibukunolu Ishola

You are nothing but a product of mistake.
You are an afterthought.
Your existence is meaningless.
I DARE YOU to prove me wrong.

You are an insignificant cog in some terrifying machine.
You have nothing good to offer your generation.
You are useless; a waste of resources.
I DARE YOU to prove me wrong.

You are limited by making.
You remain limited.
You can never rise above your limitations.
I DARE YOU to prove me wrong.

You are failure personified.
You can never ever succeed in life.
Your fate is sealed.
I DARE YOU to prove me wrong.

You will die unfulfilled.
You will die uncelebrated.
Your memory will fade completely after death.
I DARE YOU to prove me wrong.


Friday, 8 August 2008


While taking stock of my life during the week, I had reasons to compare myself with some of my childhood friends. Presently, some are doing better than me while I’m also doing better than some. A probe into the cause of the variance led to a discovery and I can’t agree more with the Yoruba adage that says “Bi aba ri eni fehin ti, bi ole laari.” (which literally means “Without backing, it‘ll be as if one is lazy.”) I reasoned that some of my childhood friends would have been better than me if only they had the backing I got while growing up and I also reasoned that I would have been better than some too if only I have the backing they’re still enjoying. If truth be told, it’s not easy to strive all by oneself without receiving any support; it’s a lot easier with backing. But, the good news is that anyone can attain a lofty height even without any backing, just that it might take more effort and time. So strivers, don’t give up yet! Hold on! Keep pushing, you can achieve it!

I reiterate that “Bi aba ri eni fehin ti, bi ole laari.” Let me share an experience I had some years back that confronted me with this reality with you. I had the privilege of covering (as a photographer) the 2005 Glo-CAF Awards in International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria where Samuel Eto'o Fils was awarded the African Player of the Year. At some point during the event, the erstwhile President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, was summoned to the stage to receive a Platinum Award. Also, the Executive Director of Globacom (a fast growing telecommunication firm in Africa) was summoned to the stage to present the Platinum Award to the President. As the young Executive Director of Globacom (who happens to be the son of the founder of the company) mounted the stage, the whole of my body began to shake to the extent that I couldn’t even snap him when he eventually presented the Platinum Award to the President. It suddenly dawned on me that I had a long way to go. Though we are age mates, I knew there was a big difference between the young Executive Director and I: he had already joined the caucus of successful people whereas I was just a wannabe trying to secure bread through photography. I wasn’t lazy and I bet he’s not smarter than me, yet he was ahead of me in all ramifications because of his father’s backing. To be honest, I coveted his position that night. I envied him. I felt so bad, but I didn’t allow the incident to weigh me down. Instead, the incident stirred the giant within me and it marked the beginning of another era in my life. There and then, I swore to be at par with the young Executive Director someday. I not only swore to be at par with him, I also resolved to overtake him someday. And to achieve that, I mapped out a 25 years development plan. I’m still on it and I’ll share the success story someday, just give me time.

So dear striver, you are not alone. I know your pains. I know your struggles. I feel you. I know how discouraging it can be when you have great dreams and plans but without any backing to pull them through. I know how difficult it is to survive with a meager salary, not to even mention saving to fund your plans. I know how demoralizing it can be when you can’t seem to pinpoint something tangible you’ve achieved over a period of time, especially when some of your friends are doing wonderfully well. I know how painful it is to be crawling when you have the capacity to soar. I know all about it friend; believe me, I’ve been there. But, be not dismayed! Cheer up! You may have some limitations right now but you can overcome them with careful planning, hard work and persistence. The future is there as your consolation and you can still attain and retain that lofty height you covet eventually. So, don’t loose focus. Keep pushing!

The start of a race is not as important as the end; the end matters most. Experience has taught me that someone that started well can even end up not reaching the finishing line, not to even mention winning any prize while someone with poor starting can end up clinching gold. So, there’s hope! The fact that you didn’t have a leverage to build on from the start does not mean you cannot reach the very top. Since you’re still breathing and active, you have the opportunity to finish strong. So, critically assess your situation, and then realistically map out a development plan that will serve as your blueprint for achieving your set goals. And then, be committed enough to follow through. I must warn you that it won’t be easy though, but it can be achieved if you endure.

Keep pushing, your struggles will eventually pay off someday. Be strong!

Thursday, 31 July 2008


It is not uncommon to see old folks who are still actively working to make ends meet; the thought alone rips my heart apart. But, it shouldn’t be so. Old age is meant for rest and harvest, but unfortunately that is the period majority come to their senses (They’ll wish they could turn back the hands of time to right the wrongs, but unfortunately time is irrecoverable.). It is my earnest prayer that none reading this write-up will have to toil in his/her old age for bread. I bet your “amen” was loud (laugh). Be that as it may, you have to support your “amen” with action if your prayer will be answered because life will not just relinquish rest and bountiful harvest to you in your latter days, you have to earn them. And how can you earn rest and bountiful harvest in your old age? You can only earn rest and bountiful harvest in your old age if you maximize your youth.

So what is youth? Who is a youth? What is the significance? Does it lapse? Those were the questions that came to mind when I thought of the subject. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, youth is “the time of life when a person is young”. Thus, a youth is a young person. As a youth, you have the wonderful opportunity to build the future of your dreams from the start; it’s synonymous to an artist being given a new canvass to paint on. The youthful age is characterized with newness, strength, and wisdom. And the youthful age is significant because it’s the best time to lay the foundation for success, to work, and to sow the seeds which can later be reaped in old age. And yes, it elapses; it comes but once in a lifetime.

Without being sarcastic, your future depends on how you make use of your youth. To further guide you in this adventure called life, I have painstakingly put up the “ABC” of success. They are:

A - Acknowledge your Maker.
B - Be bold. Be decisive. Be dynamic. Be efficient. Be informed. Be prepared. Be resolute.
C - Carry your cross, accept responsibility.
D - Don’t be lost in the crowd. Discover your potentials. Discover your purpose.
E - Expect more, your expectation determines what you get from life. Exceed your target.
F - Fail forward. When you fail, as you sometimes will, learn from it, re-strategize and try again!
G - Go for gold: dream big, think big, map out plans to achieve your goals and follow through.
H – Harness your resources.
I - Intensify your efforts.
J - Jink when need be, provided it’s in line with the master plan for your life.
K - Keep raising the bar.
L - Learn to say “No”.
M - Maximize your potentials. Make the best use of opportunities.
N – Never procrastinate. Never take “NO” for an answer. Never settle for less.
O - Open up to new ideas.
P – Practice, Patience and Persistence work wonders. With these three, you can achieve seemingly impossible feats.
Q - Quarantine bad friends, they can only decrease you.
R – Race against time, every second counts.
S - Spend wisely. Save and invest so that your “night” can be secured. Sow in season so that you can reap in harvest.
T – Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Turn calamities into opportunities. Take risks.
U - Use help: To receive, ask. To obtain, seek. Stand on the shoulders of giants.
V - Venture into the impossible, redefine possibilities.
W – Work hard because life operates on the “no sweat, no sweet” principle.
X - X-ray people to identify great minds. Then, associate with great minds because they’ll inevitably add to you.
Y - Yield to corrections and instructions.
Z - Zero in on your strengths, therein lies your breakthrough.

If you walk and live by the statute above, success is guaranteed. I may not know your name, I may not know your location, I may not know your situation, but I know and I’m persuaded that you are important to your generation because you’ve been equipped at birth with talents with which you require to alleviate your situation and to make exploits. So, identify and make the best use of your endowments now when you have the strength because “night” cometh. Don’t also disappoint your generation; posterity will not forgive you if you die with all your potentials untapped.

Maximize your potentials. Secure your future. Fulfill your purpose. Die empty!

Friday, 25 July 2008


That majority are myopic is no longer news. I jokingly interviewed some people (youngsters, grown-ups and even some old people) recently and as I anticipated, I discovered that not everybody expects much from life. And this explains why everybody cannot live life to the full. It’s harsh, but it’s the sad truth.

Let me share a personal experience with you. When I took my first job some years back, my employer demanded for the salary I was expecting but I left it open because I was young and naïve. So, he just made me an offer and I took it. Six months after, another person was interviewed to assist me with the project I was handling and I was shocked that my boss agreed to pay him his expectation which was exactly double my salary as at that time. However, I summoned up courage to talk to my employer a month after the other dude was employed and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the salary difference. Guess what? He increased my salary! I was devastated because it suddenly dawned on me that I was responsible for what I was receiving all the while because I didn’t have an expectation when I joined the company.

I also recall that there were many instances when I actually intended to pay higher for some services but which I ended up paying less because the providers of the services expected and requested for less. With these reasons and many more too voluminous to write on these pages, I have reasonably concluded that one of the reasons why majority do not get the best from life is because they do not expect much from life.

Expectation matters a lot. Believe me, where you are presently is a function of the expectations you had in the past and where you’ll be in the years to come, to a large extent, will be a function of your present expectation for the years ahead. Expect big! Life, just like my former stern employer, delivers only your expectation to you. So, when you don’t have an expectation, what you are simply doing is leaving yourself at the mercy of circumstances. You’ll end up somewhere though, but definitely not where you’ll be if you had expectations. However, when your expectations are high, you won’t be able to settle for less because it’ll propel you to think big, plan big, act big and ask big. And inevitably, you’ll receive big!

What are your expectations? Are they in line with your mapped out goals and plans? Are they reasonable? Will they take you closer to your dreams or they just offer mere survival? Are they big enough to distinguish you? Can they liberate you? Think again and redefine your expectations so that you can get the best from life.

There are miracles in the offing, but you must expect them to receive them. Though you are unlimited, your expectations can still limit you. So, I urge you not to stand on your own path. Know your worth, expect big!

You have the exclusive right to dictate the occurrences in your life. Be ambitious. Be expectant. Be pro-active. Be successful!

Friday, 18 July 2008


Why is it that some people feed from hand to mouth? Why is it that majority live an average life? And why is it that only a fraction of the world’s population attains financial independence? Those were the questions that filled my thoughts earlier this week. With a lot of thinking and soliloquizing, I was able to conclude that “the paths we choose determine our destinies to a large extent”. Call it an ambiguous statement, but see what I mean…

While appreciating the architecture of a building some years back, I made a discovery that has since kept me on my toes. The laborers were sweating it out under the scorching sun carrying out their various duties when a young man arrived in a sleek car. The young man inspected the ongoing construction work and from the way he was dishing out instructions to the middle-aged bricklayer/foreman while making references to the plan of the building, I figured out that he was the engineer attached to the building project. Shortly afterwards, he handed over some money to the bricklayer and then he left. The middle-aged bricklayer then communicated the observations of the engineer to his men and then they continued with their various obligations. And then I pondered on the scenario. The laborers were the ones handling the hard and dirty part of the job. On the other hand, the young engineer only visits the site for inspection and to give expert advice. Upon completion of the project however, the engineer will certainly take credit for the erection of the building and he would have received multiples of whatever the laborers must have earned, even with the hard part they handled. It was at that point that I reasoned that there are two major categories of vocation, viz.:

1. The Easy Vocation: This category of vocation comprises of skilled workers. Those that fall within this category work more with their brain than with strength. The reward is usually handsome and the task is usually dignifying. Those in this category rule over those in the second category. They work in the convenience of their offices with sophisticated gadgets.

2. The Arduous Vocation: This category of vocation comprises of unskilled workers. Those that fall within this category work more with their strength than with their brain. Though they sweat more than those in the Easy Vocation, the reward is usually paltry and the task is usually demeaning. Those in this category are usually at the mercy of those that belong to the Easy Vocation. Most times, they sweat it out under the sun.

Take it or leave it, everyone falls within the two categories and this explains why we have variations in the destinies of men and women. Where do you belong? What is your vocation presently? Can it take you to the winners’ caucus? Can it make you financially independent someday? Does the remuneration give room for savings? Does it have provision for retirement? Does it give you freedom and dignity? Will it help you build the future of your dreams? Are you satisfied? If not, then it’s time to switch. Do a thorough analysis and be truthful to yourself. If you need to change vocation, do so. Get more degrees and professional certificates if you have to. Learn a new trade if you must. Change location if you have to. By all means, get yourself on the right path because your chosen path has a lot to do with what you get from life.

I also believe that not all vocations can lead to financial independence. An unrepentant gardener for instance can never be wealthy; even if he works very hard. Your path matters most, thus it is important that you choose the path that will make your dreams come true. I’m not alone on this, my theory is in conformity with a Yoruba adage that says “Ise ree, alaseje. Owo ree, alasela.” (meaning work tends to survival while business tends to wealth). Think about it, every billionaire worthy of the title sells something! Bill Gates sells software. Alhaji Aliko Dangote sells essential goods; even the poorest of the poor buys his goods. What are you selling?

Stop blaming witches and wizards for your situation, a change of vocation might be all you need. Stop playing religion. Think, think, think. Look around, find a need and fill it. Look within to identify your talent(s) and strength(s). Then, choose your path and create a niche for yourself. I tell you, Henry Thierry didn’t have to work for Exxon Mobil Corporation, yet he’s doing better than good financially. Jennifer Lopez didn’t have to work as a journalist for CNN to be famous, yet she’s a star. Wole Soyinka didn’t have to discover the cure for any disease before he came into limelight, yet he’s an international figure today. Find your path!

Don’t be forever trapped in the rat race, work out a development plan that will emancipate you from mediocrity. Partner with destiny, choose a noble path today!

Friday, 11 July 2008


While having a tête-à-tête with a lady sometime ago, I was able to pinpoint the root of her issue. According to her, she was raped while she was very young. To worsen it all, her parents died early so she had to live with an uncle of hers who continually exploited her sexually. By the time she was 21years old, she had totally lost her self-esteem. She no longer sees “sex” as a big deal. Now, she’s so bitter about men that she has vowed not to ever marry but to use men to her own advantage. She doesn’t believe in love again because it has been imprinted on her memory that her body is meant to be exploited. She’s even planning to have two children outside wedlock. Sad story, isn’t it? I tried to brainwash her but my sermon fell on deaf ears. Then, it occurred to me that most people fail in life because they refuse to let go of the past.

I certainly feel sorry for the lady in question for the inhumane treatment she received from men while growing up. But, still I hold her responsible for holding on dearly to her past. To start with, it’s pointless for her to allow the rape event that can’t be reversed to define her future. Secondly, now that she’s free from that pervert uncle of hers, and since she’s still young and beautiful, she could still find true love, build a happy home, and live happily thereafter with her family. But instead, she chose to wallow in her past. Her prime objective now is to milk all men that cross her path dry. How bad!

I don’t know what you’ve been through in the past but what I certainly know is that it cannot define your future unless you allow it to. The past is history – it’s a phase of your life that you can’t reverse; it’s like an episode of a play that has already been staged - the die is cast. You should concentrate on other episodes that are yet to be staged irrespective of the mistakes made while staging the earlier episodes so that you can finish strong.

Is it that you once served some term in prison? It’s in the past dude. You now have a second chance to make things right. You can still contribute your quota positively to the development of our dear world. It’s never too late for you to rewrite your name in gold.

Are you a victim of rape or do you feel used and useless because you have been jilted by many men? Weep no more. You’re so much better than you even know. If only those men knew what an asset you’re, they wouldn’t have treated you like trash. Believe me, they have missed the singular opportunity to be part of a grand design. Keep your head up high!

Or is it that you have a terrible past as a lady? Everybody makes mistakes my dear. Repent and forsake your old ways. Work on yourself. Change location if you have to. By all means, repackage yourself and see if good suitors won’t surface. You bet.

Or is it that you’re scared of venturing into new grounds because of past failures and betrayals? Don’t! Success eventually favors those that refuse to take “NO” for an answer. Besides, will you rather remain stagnant because of past failures and betrayals? God forbid. Learn to trust again and try again, just be careful.

Whatever the case may be, I implore you not to let your past inhibit the good you stand to gain in your future. No matter what transpired in the past, let it die; let go of all the bitter experiences in your past. Since your past is already history, I strongly suggest you grant it the rest required.

Relax, it’s not over yet. Given that the future is still ahead and considering the fact that it holds many possibilities, I suggest you focus on making the best use of the present and the future. Start anew.

Friday, 27 June 2008


Let’s conduct a small experiment. Get a radio set and turn it on. Then tune between the frequencies. You will notice that as you keep tuning, you will receive different signals because each frequency is dedicated to a different station. Definitely, the broadcast received will differ from frequency to frequency.

Let’s also conduct another experiment. Get two (2) different GSM SIM Cards from different GSM providers (for instance MTN SIM Card and Celtel SIM Card for GSM users in Nigeria). Using the same phone, first insert the first SIM Card, say SIM Card A, into the phone and note the signal received. Now remove SIM Card A from the phone and insert the second SIM Card, say SIM Card B, and also note the signal received. Absolutely, the two different SIM Cards would have received the network signals of their respective service providers. It is worthy to note that the two network signals are in the air, just that having a specific SIM Card gives access to the specific network signal.

Undoubtedly, there are many radio signals in the air; that you don’t turn the radio on or that you don’t tune in to the right frequency does not negate that fact. There are many GSM network signals in the air; that you are not connected to any does not negate that fact. There are many international TV channels on DSTV; that you don’t have a DSTV dish and decoder does not negate that fact. In the same vein, there are many untapped resources in our Universe; that they remain underutilized does not negate that fact. There are some Laws (which are true and absolute) that govern our Universe that we can use to our advantage. There are many natural resources that we can exploit. There are different paths we can thread. There are many in-built talents in every individual that can be harnessed towards the attainment of worthy purposes. Indeed, our world offers endless options but we must tune in to the right frequency to achieve the target.

The level of success you will attain in life will depend, to a large extent, on your ability to fully utilize the vast resources the Creator has put in place for your sake. So, be current; be informed + be empowered. And be smart; recognize, choose right, tune in and fully harness the resources available so that you can achieve more.

Your abilities and conquests are yet untold. The world belongs to you my friend!

Friday, 20 June 2008


I had an encounter with a final year university student who is rapaciously chasing money illegally at the expense of his academics during the week. From our discussion, it occurred to me that majority fail in life because they do not get their priorities right. Here’s a brilliant young man from a poor background who could be leading his class academically but who is unfortunately heading towards doom. He told me of his determination to buy a car and a mansion before he graduates and I laughed hysterically. Clearly, he lacks understanding. To me, he’s simply chasing “the end” instead of “securing the means to the end”. He’s chasing the things money can buy instead of being empowered to make money legitimately. He wants to reach the top without having to climb the ladder of success. He wants to tap palm wine without having to climb the palm wine tree. Even if he succeeds with his plan, I can bet that his accomplishment will be short-lived because lasting success with peace of mind cannot be secured with his approach. Rather, what he needs to do, considering his background, is to face his academics squarely so that he can get good grades (with his determination, I can tell that he’ll lead his class). With good grades, he’ll be able to secure a good job after school. And with a good job, he’ll be able to buy all the good things money can buy. He can even start his own company someday if he so wishes by then. But, he won’t just listen!

Tell me…what came first for a gold medalist in an Olympic tournament… the rigorous training prior to the competition or the medal and fame after the competition? Judge. What came first for a serving president of a country… the grandeur and privileges associated with the office or the years of planning and political tussle before the election? Judge.

One step at a time, first thing first – that’s how things work. If you want to build a structure for instance, ordering for roofing sheets should not be the first thing to be done. You should first acquire some piece of land where the building will be erected. After that, you can then draw the plan of the structure to be erected taking into cognizance the size and shape of the land. It is based on the plan that the requirements for the building to be erected will be calculated (the number of blocks to be used, cement, roofing sheets, iron rods, to name a few). Anything short of that will be messy.

Whatever the plan is, ensure you’re on the right rung of the ladder. Even if you have made terrible mistakes in the past, retrace your steps; swallow your pride and set things right. Prioritize right. Using the scale of preference, list your goals and map out the best plan to bring them to fruition. Then, concentrate on the most important thing and channel all your energies towards its realization. The rest will then be possible.

Deny yourself of some luxuries now so that you can enjoy them on a larger scale for much longer later. Be wise, some things can wait!

Friday, 13 June 2008


I believe there’s no limit to what we can achieve provided we are prepared to learn and practice. I also believe we can attain perfection in any task provided we are prepared to learn and practice. Too simple to be true? See what I mean…

I can’t recall the number of times I fell off a bicycle when I was learning to ride one. With repeated practice however, I mastered it. I can’t also quantify the volume of water I must have gulped while learning to swim, nor recall the many near-death experiences I had while learning to dive and float on water. Now, with repeated practice, swimming and even floating on water comes to me naturally as it does to a fish. Undoubtedly, practice works wonders.

In sports, there’s no shortcut to honing of skills without practicing. Even if you’re a genius, you can’t be a good pianist without practicing the notes. The best of orators practice before making speeches. Even a magician needs repeated practice to make tricks. Indeed, the secret of gaining mastery is to learn and practice; it’s unbeatable.

What is the challenge? What is the task? If you’re willing to learn and practice, nothing shall be impossible to thee. Keep practicing and you’re sure to win - that’s the recipe that makes champions. With repeated learning and practicing, you can be a genius in anything.

Notice however that the words “learn” and “practice” goes together. If you learn and fail to practice, chances are that you might loose/forget what you’ve learnt if it’s not yet honed. With practice comes perfection.

There are many battles that won’t be won the first time you try. Learn from toddlers: while learning to walk, they make blunders, yet they stand up again to learn and practice till they can eventually walk and run seamlessly. Whatever it is, keep at it. It certainly won’t be easy; it’ll take a lot of effort, commitment, consistency, discipline and perseverance. It might take time. It might even be painful. But, you will gain mastery if you endure.

To-be genius, I charge you, never give in to limitations. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep discovering. Keep mastering. Keep attaining.

Friday, 6 June 2008


I woke up depressed on Tuesday morning. It was such a time that the motivator needed motivation. I wasn’t too happy with myself because I fell short of some mapped out plans. I left the house shortly afterwards and I ran into a physically challenged friend of mine who was on her wheelchair trying to board a bus. I was shocked to find out that she was traveling out of town without a companion. She would require to board three different buses before she would eventually get to her destination and I imagined the stress she would go through before she gets to her destination. She would definitely be at the mercy of fellow passengers and passersby at one point or the other during her trip as she would need assistance. I wished I had some magical powers to make her walk right there and then, or at least travel with her, but alas, all I could tell her was …“God be with you”. Tears welled up in my eyes as I parted with her. It was at that point that I realized my foolishness. I have my two legs and I can walk with them unassisted. All my sense organs are functional. I’m in control of my mind; I can think. I breathe unassisted. I have food and I can eat. I have ears and I can hear. I have mouth and I can speak. I even excrete waste materials seamlessly without having to rely on a dialysis machine. The least I could do is to be grateful for the gift of life, for health, for where I am presently and for the glorious future I’ll inevitably feature in.

Can you fathom the rejection and challenges the lady in question must have had to cope with in the past and the ones she’ll have to cope with for the rest of her life? Can you fathom how dicey the future will look to her especially when it comes to finding a spouse that will marry her? It’s better imagined than experienced.

I don’t know your situation but I’m persuaded that you still have many reasons why you need to adopt the attitude of thankfulness. Some are under intensive care in hospitals at this very moment. Some have lost their minds. Worse still, some are dead as a dodo. But you are alive and sane. Count your blessings. You’re still doing better than many. I bet many will even love to trade places with you.

Be careful always with your reaction(s) to situations as the Law of Attraction also comes to play here. Since people and resources are drawn to where they are valued most, the Universe responds to gratitude by making more of everything we appreciate available to us. If you don’t appreciate what you have, there’s the probability that you can loose it. But if you appreciate what you have, you will inevitably attract what you don’t have but desire with time. Even Oprah Winfrey remarked that “If you can learn to focus on what you have, you will always see that the universe is abundant; you will have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.” Some forethought is necessary.

All your plans will eventually materialize with time. So, wipe your tears. Cheer up! Brace your shoulders and recharge your energies. Keep pushing, water for your thirst is just ahead.

Peace be unto you.

Friday, 30 May 2008


I watched with curiosity how a thick wall eventually fell to the repeated blows of a sledgehammer sometimes ago and I reasoned that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to do if we’re willing to intensify our efforts.

It’s amazing what a laser beam can do if focused on an object; it can even cut through hard metals. It’s only a matter of time for a leaking tank (even if it’s trickle by trickle) to become empty. Water evaporates under intense heat. Even hard metals melt under intense heat. The significance of “intensity” to the actualization of any goal cannot be overemphasized.

Is your goal to distinguish yourself in your chosen field? You can. Those we remember today were those that distinguished themselves in their chosen fields, not drifters. So, if you must make waves, you must devote yourself to your field and conquer the field. That’s a simple recipe for recognition and success.

Is it a nagging challenge? That challenge can and will bow to you if you keep at it.

Whatever the case maybe, however small your strength maybe, victory is certain if you intensify your efforts. Don’t scatter your resources, concentrate on a worthy purpose. Don’t give up on that stumbling block yet, it’ll give way if you hit it harder. Don’t give up on that research yet, discovery awaits you. Don’t give up on that goal yet, it’ll be achieved if you intensify your efforts. You can save, little by little, to buy that dream car or house. You can fund that project. There’s no limit to what you can do if you intensify your efforts.

Rise to the calling. Achieve the seemingly impossible feats. Break forth.

Friday, 23 May 2008


Imagine what will happen if you plant a grain of maize and you keep bringing it out of the soil everyday to check the status of its growth. Chances are that the maize might never germinate.

Imagine that a fertilized egg is forcefully hatched just after 6 days it was put in an incubator. The output can’t certainly be a live chick because the transformation of an egg into a chick takes 21 days.

Also imagine what happens when a pregnant mother is induced to have a baby when the pregnancy is just five months old. She’ll certainly deliver a premature; that’s if the baby is even alive.

Everything must be allowed to take its course if the results will be what it ought to be. Patience is the watchword. Unfortunately, many are too much in haste in our world today. Majority have missed the good they often might have received because they did not exercise patience. Majority of would-be millionaires are cooling off in prisons just because they were too much in a haste to make money thereby resulting to crime. Many have bid the world farewell because they were too much in haste while driving. The list is endless. Indeed, the ability to exercise patience in our ever fast moving world is a virtue.

What is the rush for? Where else will you go after you get to your destination?

If you’re embarking on a journey, getting to the destination safe and sound should be your ultimate goal. If you have to get their early, leave early. By all means, avoid having to over speed. Live to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If your goal is to attain financial independence and to retain it, then being a con should not be an option for you as it can only make you temporarily rich; that’s if you’re even lucky before you’re caught. Lasting success can only be gotten legitimately.

A careful study of the lives of successful men and women has shown that the lofty heights they attained were not overnight; it took decades of hard work, self denial, persistence and patience. Even those that inherited wealth will confess that their patriarchs once had it rough. In doubt? Interview an achiever near you.

Whatever your goal may be, learn to exercise patience. Understand that there’s an appointed time for everything. Even when you sow a seed, harvest is not usually instantaneous – there’s usually a gap between sowing time and harvest time. Tampering with the timing will not yield the desired result(s). Patience is all it takes to clinch victory.

If you’ll ever feature in the future you’ve pictured, you must learn to exercise patience. I admit that it could be depressing when all your mates are making progress and it seems that you’re stagnant. Don’t be dismayed. Once you’re convinced you’re on the right track, keep at it (If you’re however not on the right track, ensure you get yourself on the right track - the path that works, the path of honour). Don’t quit. Success will come; just don’t give up before it does. That seed will germinate, just give it time. That business will break forth; just allow it time to expand. That much coveted job will be yours, just gain more experience where you are because that will be the prerequisite for the higher ground. What is not enough today will be enough tomorrow. Things will eventually get better. All the good things you desire will come with time. You will eventually build that house. You will eventually buy that dream car. Wait for your time – patiently, strategically and intelligently.

However, you should not be idle while waiting. If you’ve sown a seed, while waiting for the harvest, endeavor to nurture the seed to maturity so that the harvest can be bountiful. If you’re waiting for the result of an application, find something worthwhile to do while you’re waiting. Whatever the case may be, apply wisdom. Ensure you don’t waste that irrecoverable piece called time.

Your future is bright. Be patient. Colorful, shinning, bright, you will get there!

Friday, 16 May 2008


Got thinking about the peculiar method in which white yam (Dioscorea Rotundata) is successfully propagated in Nigeria and I reasoned that peculiar situations demand peculiar solutions. Let’s look into the propagation of the tropical plant together…

Unlike grain crops, white yam is propagated by dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (however the best planting material are small tubers, resulting in improved germination percentages and in less tuber rotting). White yam is usually planted preferably at the start of the rainy season in deep, rich, permeable soil as loosed textured soil is necessary for tuber development and expansion (the plant even thrives better if ridges or mounds are made for it). After the planting of the yam sett, mulching is required as it protects the plant from excessive heat and desiccation. The plant should also be supplied with a means of support on which to twine beginning 1 month after emergence. Weed control is also important during the first 2 to 3 months after planting. If you follow the method, ceteris paribus, you can be sure of a bountiful harvest. It is worthy to note that maize (Zea Mays) cannot be propagated through this method because it has its own peculiarities and as such demands a peculiar planting method.

Similarly, malaria pills cannot cure typhoid fever. In poultry farming, you can’t feed layers birds with growers feed (instead of layers feed) and expect that productivity will increase. The student praying for retentive memory without reading is praying amiss. You can’t reverse a car with gear ‘3’. Even with the right recipe, you can’t make cake by frying (instead of baking) the dough as you would fry a pancake. Even in Chemistry, the combination of two chemical elements but in varying degrees will produce different chemical compounds [for instance, when two Oxygen atoms covalently bonds to a single Carbon atom, the product will be Carbon dioxide (CO2) but if one Carbon atom covalently bonds to one Oxygen atom, the product will be Carbon monoxide (CO) – two entirely different gases . Similarly, you can’t possibly combine Hydrogen with Oxygen and expect to have the same product you’ll have if you were to have combined it with Chlorine – the former will produce water while the later will produce acid]. That 1 + 1 = 2 is mathematically exact. The list is endless.

Thus, it is evident that one of the reasons why many fail to succeed in their undertakings in life is because they are pursuing amiss. To obtain the desired outcome, you must do it the way it ought to be done. Else, you might never get the desired result.

What have you been pursuing for sometime without success? If it’s not working the way it should, then probably it’s not being done the way it should. A change of approach is all you need. It can work. It will work, just that it has to be done the right way. Every task/challenge bows to the right solution. Every idea is achievable; else it won’t have been conceived. Do it the way it ought to be done so that it will be like it ought to be – that’s the simple recipe that makes miracles possible. If you desire success worthy of the name in any undertaking, then be prepared to think deep, seek facts and follow instructions. The impossible then becomes possible.

Victor, I charge you to embark on a conquest spree. Keep dreaming. Keep setting goals. Keep proffering solutions. Keep achieving.