Friday 13 June 2008


I believe there’s no limit to what we can achieve provided we are prepared to learn and practice. I also believe we can attain perfection in any task provided we are prepared to learn and practice. Too simple to be true? See what I mean…

I can’t recall the number of times I fell off a bicycle when I was learning to ride one. With repeated practice however, I mastered it. I can’t also quantify the volume of water I must have gulped while learning to swim, nor recall the many near-death experiences I had while learning to dive and float on water. Now, with repeated practice, swimming and even floating on water comes to me naturally as it does to a fish. Undoubtedly, practice works wonders.

In sports, there’s no shortcut to honing of skills without practicing. Even if you’re a genius, you can’t be a good pianist without practicing the notes. The best of orators practice before making speeches. Even a magician needs repeated practice to make tricks. Indeed, the secret of gaining mastery is to learn and practice; it’s unbeatable.

What is the challenge? What is the task? If you’re willing to learn and practice, nothing shall be impossible to thee. Keep practicing and you’re sure to win - that’s the recipe that makes champions. With repeated learning and practicing, you can be a genius in anything.

Notice however that the words “learn” and “practice” goes together. If you learn and fail to practice, chances are that you might loose/forget what you’ve learnt if it’s not yet honed. With practice comes perfection.

There are many battles that won’t be won the first time you try. Learn from toddlers: while learning to walk, they make blunders, yet they stand up again to learn and practice till they can eventually walk and run seamlessly. Whatever it is, keep at it. It certainly won’t be easy; it’ll take a lot of effort, commitment, consistency, discipline and perseverance. It might take time. It might even be painful. But, you will gain mastery if you endure.

To-be genius, I charge you, never give in to limitations. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep discovering. Keep mastering. Keep attaining.

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