Friday 16 May 2008


Got thinking about the peculiar method in which white yam (Dioscorea Rotundata) is successfully propagated in Nigeria and I reasoned that peculiar situations demand peculiar solutions. Let’s look into the propagation of the tropical plant together…

Unlike grain crops, white yam is propagated by dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (however the best planting material are small tubers, resulting in improved germination percentages and in less tuber rotting). White yam is usually planted preferably at the start of the rainy season in deep, rich, permeable soil as loosed textured soil is necessary for tuber development and expansion (the plant even thrives better if ridges or mounds are made for it). After the planting of the yam sett, mulching is required as it protects the plant from excessive heat and desiccation. The plant should also be supplied with a means of support on which to twine beginning 1 month after emergence. Weed control is also important during the first 2 to 3 months after planting. If you follow the method, ceteris paribus, you can be sure of a bountiful harvest. It is worthy to note that maize (Zea Mays) cannot be propagated through this method because it has its own peculiarities and as such demands a peculiar planting method.

Similarly, malaria pills cannot cure typhoid fever. In poultry farming, you can’t feed layers birds with growers feed (instead of layers feed) and expect that productivity will increase. The student praying for retentive memory without reading is praying amiss. You can’t reverse a car with gear ‘3’. Even with the right recipe, you can’t make cake by frying (instead of baking) the dough as you would fry a pancake. Even in Chemistry, the combination of two chemical elements but in varying degrees will produce different chemical compounds [for instance, when two Oxygen atoms covalently bonds to a single Carbon atom, the product will be Carbon dioxide (CO2) but if one Carbon atom covalently bonds to one Oxygen atom, the product will be Carbon monoxide (CO) – two entirely different gases . Similarly, you can’t possibly combine Hydrogen with Oxygen and expect to have the same product you’ll have if you were to have combined it with Chlorine – the former will produce water while the later will produce acid]. That 1 + 1 = 2 is mathematically exact. The list is endless.

Thus, it is evident that one of the reasons why many fail to succeed in their undertakings in life is because they are pursuing amiss. To obtain the desired outcome, you must do it the way it ought to be done. Else, you might never get the desired result.

What have you been pursuing for sometime without success? If it’s not working the way it should, then probably it’s not being done the way it should. A change of approach is all you need. It can work. It will work, just that it has to be done the right way. Every task/challenge bows to the right solution. Every idea is achievable; else it won’t have been conceived. Do it the way it ought to be done so that it will be like it ought to be – that’s the simple recipe that makes miracles possible. If you desire success worthy of the name in any undertaking, then be prepared to think deep, seek facts and follow instructions. The impossible then becomes possible.

Victor, I charge you to embark on a conquest spree. Keep dreaming. Keep setting goals. Keep proffering solutions. Keep achieving.

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