Friday 28 November 2008


Since the earth revolves, all inhabitants of the earth are usually exposed to different situations per time. It is no news that the rotation of the earth is responsible for day and night and even seasons. Similarly, as good times evolve, bad times unavoidably evolve too. I doubt if anyone has passed through this earth without having to deal with one issue or the other. To say the least, life is not easy. However, no situation is permanent because the earth will revolve again bringing with it another experience. The defining thing is what you do when there is a crisis situation. You can choose to just throw in the towel or manage the crisis. If you let a crisis situation overwhelm you, then you lose. However, if you manage it effectively, you can turn it around for your good. Crises separate winners from losers.

Nobody prays for crisis, but when it comes as it sometimes will, manage it. You might not be able to determine the times, but you surely can decide how you handle it and that will determine your worth. Martin Luther King Jr. rightly pointed out that “the ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in moments of comfort, but where he or she stands in times of challenge and controversy.”

Experience has taught me that no crisis situation is as terrible as it first appears and that every crisis situation has its own lessons and advantages, just that you must be objective enough to discover them. When faced with a crisis situation, still keep your cool. Think clearly, objectively and optimistically and you’ll be able to find solution(s) to the seemingly dreadful situation. Shockingly, you’ll even find some good in the bad situation. So whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever the crises may be, however mighty and threatening the crises may be, don’t give in. Suicide is never an option. Crime is never an option. Crying is not an option. Effective management of the crisis situation is your best bet.

Don’t let any crisis situation rob you of your dreams. Be indomitable. Be optimistic. Be objective. Be innovative. Be patient. Be successful.

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