Friday 10 October 2008


We are living in an all-inclusive world (All that we need to survive and thrive are embedded in our dependable world. Every material Man needs to recreate everything he needs is embedded in our world. All that Man needs to solve his problems are embedded in our world). Yet, only a fraction of the world’s population lives in abundance and dominance. While probing for the cause of the shortfall, I concluded that majority do not dig deep enough to discover and exploit the needed materials for their independence. Call it homespun philosophy, but see what I mean…

No doubt, the Architect of our world is wise. He knew that life will obviously lose its meaning if man gets all he wants without thinking or working for it. Imagine…how would our world be if crude oil were to be fetched from streams? How would our world be if gold were to be grown like maize? How would our world be if diamonds were to be plucked like apples? How would our world be if sufficient food for each day were to be delivered to our doorsteps every morning? There wouldn’t have been any reason to think, work or to be prudent. Furthermore, Man would have been robbed of the opportunity to recreate for himself what he desires from the raw materials nature has in store. So in order for Him not to spoon-feed Man, the Creator made all that Man needs in the same world where Man lives but hid them from Man (every natural resource and endowment is often concealed, although the depth of concealment may differ from resource to resource, from endowment to endowment and from location to location). It’s now left for Man to discover and utilize the hidden resources for his good or perhaps suffer amidst plenty. If Man will ever exploit the hidden resources available to him, he must dig deep.

Imagine the number of lives malaria fever must have claimed before the discovery of its cure. Imagine the number of children polio must have maimed before the vaccine was discovered. Imagine the number of lives tuberculosis must have claimed before the discovery of its cure and vaccine. Yet, the vaccine and the cure for these diseases had always been with Man, just that they were hidden from Man. When scientists and researchers eventually dug deeper, they finally came up with the vaccine and the cure for these diseases. And that’s why I firmly believe that there’ll be vaccine and total cure for Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other dreaded incurable diseases someday, just that scientists and researchers must dig deeper.

Imagine the world without crude oil. Yet, the natural resource eluded us for centuries despite the fact that we’ve always had huge reservoir of it beneath us. I reiterate that the Creator has made provision for all our needs, just that Man must find and use the provisions to “recreate” to suit his needs. For instance, the Creator only made crude oil, but Man refines it to get petrol, diesel, gas, bitumen to name a few which Man uses for different purposes. Alas, countless natural resources are yet to be discovered. Man has not even been able to maximize the usage of the ones that have been discovered. Hence, the reason for Man to dig deeper to find more answers.

To heal ourselves of our diseases, to make available our needs, to amass wealth, to fulfill our purpose, to live our dreams, we (individually and collectively) need to dig deeper than ever. Even in our personal lives, the ability to dig deeper in the pursuit of the target will eventually separate winners from losers. The quest will definitely not be easy though, it’ll call for effort, determination, patience and sacrifice. I’m of the opinion that if the reward is good enough, the problems shouldn’t matter. Besides, as the Yorubas will say, “Eni ti o ba fe je oyin inu apata kii wo enu aake.” (which literarily means “The person that wants to eat the honey in the rock does not look at the mouth of the axe”). Every achievement worthy of the name has its price.

Are you about giving up on that research? Please don’t, many destinies are tied to the discovery. Keep digging into your mind and environment, the solution which you seek is there but for discovery. Are you about giving up on finding a good job? Please don’t, keep digging for employment opportunities; jobs are always there, but for discovery. Are you about giving up on the solution to a challenge? Please don’t, the solution is there but for discovery. Whatever the pursuit maybe, keep digging till you attain. Don’t stop inches away from your breakthrough. Don’t dig amiss; dig right, dig smart.

Keep digging. Keep finding. Keep succeeding.

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