Friday 24 October 2008


Without the laws, our world would definitely be in chaos. Imagine how our world would be if it’s not unlawful to rape…women will probably be living in caves in distant islands! Imagine if it’s not unlawful to kill fellow humans…life will constantly be snuffed out of multitudes on a daily basis. Imagine if it’s not unlawful to steal…the strong would constantly take advantage of the weak, the lazy ones won’t even have to work, they’ll just wait for others to work while they’ll steal from them thereafter. The list is endless. Knowing fully well what Man is capable of, the Master Planner puts laws in place so that we may live meaningful lives. These laws are implanted in everyone as CONSCIENCE (the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) to keep us in check. But still, we ignore the suggestions of the Still Voice inside us many times in order to satisfy our lust. What a farce! Whereas, the laws were made for Man’s good; the laws were made not as a punitive measure but to guide Man into his divine destiny. The obedience of the laws leads to a successful life while disobedience attracts the corresponding reward(s) called repercussion(s). Personally, I’ll be lying without conscience if I say I’m not guilty of breaking some laws in the past or that I’m still not vulnerable of breaking some even now. But I keep reminding myself that if I’m to attain and retain the great height that I covet, I MUST live right and that puts me in check. Thus, this is a call for everyone (irrespective of religion) desirous of success in this life and in the life hereafter (if you so believe) to keep the laws.

What are the laws? What are the benefits of keeping the laws? Are there punishments for not keeping the laws?

Simply put, a law is a rule for good behavior; the transgression of which is SIN (Sin is the act of breaking a religious or moral [concerned with principles of right and wrong behavior] law according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). Anything your conscience doesn’t judge right is wrong. As important as the subject is, law is even studied in tertiary institutions. Sadly enough, with millions of lawyers and other law enforcement agencies, even with endless sermons of religious leaders, naughty Man still transgresses against the laws to his own detriment. It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

The benefits of keeping the laws are innumerable. If I’m to summarize, I’ll say it’s the pathway to peace, happiness, good health and success-full life.

And yes, there are repercussions for not keeping the laws; some of which are eternal. For instance, the moral law says “don’t commit fornication/adultery”…but go ahead and commit fornication/adultery and you’ll be at the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. For the female folks, it may even be unwanted pregnancy or worse still, it could cost you your marriage (in the case of married women). For men, whichever way you look at it, the pursuit of multiple women subtracts from you; it takes your time, funds, energy, name it…really there’s no pursuit as expensive as the pursuit of women. Another moral law says “don’t steal”…but go ahead and steal and woe betides you should you be caught by angry mobs, you might never live to tell the tales. Even if you’re eventually handed over to the law enforcement agents, you’re likely to be prosecuted and thereafter jailed. Another law says “don’t rape”... but go ahead and rape and woe betides you should you be caught, you might have to cool off for sometime in prison. Another moral law says “don’t kill”…but go ahead and kill and you’ll likely face the capital punishment. The list is endless. In a nutshell, disobedience to any law yields unpleasant dividend(s); it derails one from the success path and inevitably attracts nothing but unrest, guilt, sorrow-full life and worse still it can jeopardize where one spends his eternity. So, it’s not wise at all to indulge in breaking the laws, it’s not worth it; the pleasures of sin are not commensurate to the repercussions it attracts; it’s destructive.

So, live right if you want to be successful in this life and in the life hereafter. Let him that hath an ear hear: keep the laws and prosper OR transgress against the laws and face the repercussions thereafter. Decide your fate; it’s your call.

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