Friday, 27 June 2008


Let’s conduct a small experiment. Get a radio set and turn it on. Then tune between the frequencies. You will notice that as you keep tuning, you will receive different signals because each frequency is dedicated to a different station. Definitely, the broadcast received will differ from frequency to frequency.

Let’s also conduct another experiment. Get two (2) different GSM SIM Cards from different GSM providers (for instance MTN SIM Card and Celtel SIM Card for GSM users in Nigeria). Using the same phone, first insert the first SIM Card, say SIM Card A, into the phone and note the signal received. Now remove SIM Card A from the phone and insert the second SIM Card, say SIM Card B, and also note the signal received. Absolutely, the two different SIM Cards would have received the network signals of their respective service providers. It is worthy to note that the two network signals are in the air, just that having a specific SIM Card gives access to the specific network signal.

Undoubtedly, there are many radio signals in the air; that you don’t turn the radio on or that you don’t tune in to the right frequency does not negate that fact. There are many GSM network signals in the air; that you are not connected to any does not negate that fact. There are many international TV channels on DSTV; that you don’t have a DSTV dish and decoder does not negate that fact. In the same vein, there are many untapped resources in our Universe; that they remain underutilized does not negate that fact. There are some Laws (which are true and absolute) that govern our Universe that we can use to our advantage. There are many natural resources that we can exploit. There are different paths we can thread. There are many in-built talents in every individual that can be harnessed towards the attainment of worthy purposes. Indeed, our world offers endless options but we must tune in to the right frequency to achieve the target.

The level of success you will attain in life will depend, to a large extent, on your ability to fully utilize the vast resources the Creator has put in place for your sake. So, be current; be informed + be empowered. And be smart; recognize, choose right, tune in and fully harness the resources available so that you can achieve more.

Your abilities and conquests are yet untold. The world belongs to you my friend!

Friday, 20 June 2008


I had an encounter with a final year university student who is rapaciously chasing money illegally at the expense of his academics during the week. From our discussion, it occurred to me that majority fail in life because they do not get their priorities right. Here’s a brilliant young man from a poor background who could be leading his class academically but who is unfortunately heading towards doom. He told me of his determination to buy a car and a mansion before he graduates and I laughed hysterically. Clearly, he lacks understanding. To me, he’s simply chasing “the end” instead of “securing the means to the end”. He’s chasing the things money can buy instead of being empowered to make money legitimately. He wants to reach the top without having to climb the ladder of success. He wants to tap palm wine without having to climb the palm wine tree. Even if he succeeds with his plan, I can bet that his accomplishment will be short-lived because lasting success with peace of mind cannot be secured with his approach. Rather, what he needs to do, considering his background, is to face his academics squarely so that he can get good grades (with his determination, I can tell that he’ll lead his class). With good grades, he’ll be able to secure a good job after school. And with a good job, he’ll be able to buy all the good things money can buy. He can even start his own company someday if he so wishes by then. But, he won’t just listen!

Tell me…what came first for a gold medalist in an Olympic tournament… the rigorous training prior to the competition or the medal and fame after the competition? Judge. What came first for a serving president of a country… the grandeur and privileges associated with the office or the years of planning and political tussle before the election? Judge.

One step at a time, first thing first – that’s how things work. If you want to build a structure for instance, ordering for roofing sheets should not be the first thing to be done. You should first acquire some piece of land where the building will be erected. After that, you can then draw the plan of the structure to be erected taking into cognizance the size and shape of the land. It is based on the plan that the requirements for the building to be erected will be calculated (the number of blocks to be used, cement, roofing sheets, iron rods, to name a few). Anything short of that will be messy.

Whatever the plan is, ensure you’re on the right rung of the ladder. Even if you have made terrible mistakes in the past, retrace your steps; swallow your pride and set things right. Prioritize right. Using the scale of preference, list your goals and map out the best plan to bring them to fruition. Then, concentrate on the most important thing and channel all your energies towards its realization. The rest will then be possible.

Deny yourself of some luxuries now so that you can enjoy them on a larger scale for much longer later. Be wise, some things can wait!

Friday, 13 June 2008


I believe there’s no limit to what we can achieve provided we are prepared to learn and practice. I also believe we can attain perfection in any task provided we are prepared to learn and practice. Too simple to be true? See what I mean…

I can’t recall the number of times I fell off a bicycle when I was learning to ride one. With repeated practice however, I mastered it. I can’t also quantify the volume of water I must have gulped while learning to swim, nor recall the many near-death experiences I had while learning to dive and float on water. Now, with repeated practice, swimming and even floating on water comes to me naturally as it does to a fish. Undoubtedly, practice works wonders.

In sports, there’s no shortcut to honing of skills without practicing. Even if you’re a genius, you can’t be a good pianist without practicing the notes. The best of orators practice before making speeches. Even a magician needs repeated practice to make tricks. Indeed, the secret of gaining mastery is to learn and practice; it’s unbeatable.

What is the challenge? What is the task? If you’re willing to learn and practice, nothing shall be impossible to thee. Keep practicing and you’re sure to win - that’s the recipe that makes champions. With repeated learning and practicing, you can be a genius in anything.

Notice however that the words “learn” and “practice” goes together. If you learn and fail to practice, chances are that you might loose/forget what you’ve learnt if it’s not yet honed. With practice comes perfection.

There are many battles that won’t be won the first time you try. Learn from toddlers: while learning to walk, they make blunders, yet they stand up again to learn and practice till they can eventually walk and run seamlessly. Whatever it is, keep at it. It certainly won’t be easy; it’ll take a lot of effort, commitment, consistency, discipline and perseverance. It might take time. It might even be painful. But, you will gain mastery if you endure.

To-be genius, I charge you, never give in to limitations. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Keep discovering. Keep mastering. Keep attaining.

Friday, 6 June 2008


I woke up depressed on Tuesday morning. It was such a time that the motivator needed motivation. I wasn’t too happy with myself because I fell short of some mapped out plans. I left the house shortly afterwards and I ran into a physically challenged friend of mine who was on her wheelchair trying to board a bus. I was shocked to find out that she was traveling out of town without a companion. She would require to board three different buses before she would eventually get to her destination and I imagined the stress she would go through before she gets to her destination. She would definitely be at the mercy of fellow passengers and passersby at one point or the other during her trip as she would need assistance. I wished I had some magical powers to make her walk right there and then, or at least travel with her, but alas, all I could tell her was …“God be with you”. Tears welled up in my eyes as I parted with her. It was at that point that I realized my foolishness. I have my two legs and I can walk with them unassisted. All my sense organs are functional. I’m in control of my mind; I can think. I breathe unassisted. I have food and I can eat. I have ears and I can hear. I have mouth and I can speak. I even excrete waste materials seamlessly without having to rely on a dialysis machine. The least I could do is to be grateful for the gift of life, for health, for where I am presently and for the glorious future I’ll inevitably feature in.

Can you fathom the rejection and challenges the lady in question must have had to cope with in the past and the ones she’ll have to cope with for the rest of her life? Can you fathom how dicey the future will look to her especially when it comes to finding a spouse that will marry her? It’s better imagined than experienced.

I don’t know your situation but I’m persuaded that you still have many reasons why you need to adopt the attitude of thankfulness. Some are under intensive care in hospitals at this very moment. Some have lost their minds. Worse still, some are dead as a dodo. But you are alive and sane. Count your blessings. You’re still doing better than many. I bet many will even love to trade places with you.

Be careful always with your reaction(s) to situations as the Law of Attraction also comes to play here. Since people and resources are drawn to where they are valued most, the Universe responds to gratitude by making more of everything we appreciate available to us. If you don’t appreciate what you have, there’s the probability that you can loose it. But if you appreciate what you have, you will inevitably attract what you don’t have but desire with time. Even Oprah Winfrey remarked that “If you can learn to focus on what you have, you will always see that the universe is abundant; you will have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.” Some forethought is necessary.

All your plans will eventually materialize with time. So, wipe your tears. Cheer up! Brace your shoulders and recharge your energies. Keep pushing, water for your thirst is just ahead.

Peace be unto you.