Friday 12 December 2008


Our world is full of people with different colors, different sizes, different temperaments, different upbringings, different religion, different philosophies and beliefs, different abilities, different pursuits, to name a few. Thus, disagreements, insults, careless talks, unfair judgments and hurts are inevitable on a minute basis. If you respond to every offender in a “fire-for fire” mode every time, you probably will be irate every minute which is definitely not a wise move. The inability to ‘stomach nonsenses’ have led some to the grave, it has landed some in prison, some have lost their jobs, some have been maimed, some have been demoted, many marriages have been broken, believe me the result of losing control is always dire. There’s nothing cool in losing control, ‘stomaching nonsenses’ is the solution. Call it stupidity or cowardice if you wish, but I call it wisdom.

Since you are a social being, you’ll always have issues to handle at work, at home, at the market, everywhere and misunderstanding/insults are inevitable every time. Worse still, there are some temptations that your enemies will strategically place in your way to reduce you. When you react to them, they’ll have an occasion against you to prosecute you. But when you keep your cool, you’ll inevitable win the battle. So when insults come, as they sometimes will, stomach them. Don’t just stomach them, purge them out by way of forgiving the offender immediately. Learn to keep your cool in all circumstances.

Avoidance is better than remedy. The only way tranquility can reign in your world is when you stay out of trouble, so don’t wage war against yourself; keep your temperament under control at all times. Guard your tongue. Steer clear of fights. Develop a thick skin to insults so that you can enjoy peace of mind, after all insults cannot stick on your body neither does it make you a loser (it rather makes you the wise one). Learn to stomach ‘nonsenses’ so that you can prosper in the land of the living. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.


Mr. Tee said...

Egbon! nice piece 1ce again! but i did like to ask...can we really stomach all kind of nonsenses ? because am of the opinion there are some instances you really need to come out all strong but in a tactful manner...wat do you think?

Ibukunolu said...

@ Taiwo: Yes, I’m of the opinion that one can stomach all kinds of nonsenses. And yes, you can respond tactfully too if need be. For instance, you will recall that my integrity was once openly attacked by a former colleague but I tactfully responded to the email. If I had responded angrily, you bet I would have given him the reason to say worst things. Everyone that read my response, if they read in-between the lines, will know the whole truth of the matter. Even at that, he still went ahead to send another provoking email. But in all, I refused to trade words with him because that would have made us ‘equals’ and heaven knows we’re not mates.
Even the Holy Bible admonishes in Proverbs 17:28 that “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” Hope the answer suffices.