Friday 23 May 2008


Imagine what will happen if you plant a grain of maize and you keep bringing it out of the soil everyday to check the status of its growth. Chances are that the maize might never germinate.

Imagine that a fertilized egg is forcefully hatched just after 6 days it was put in an incubator. The output can’t certainly be a live chick because the transformation of an egg into a chick takes 21 days.

Also imagine what happens when a pregnant mother is induced to have a baby when the pregnancy is just five months old. She’ll certainly deliver a premature; that’s if the baby is even alive.

Everything must be allowed to take its course if the results will be what it ought to be. Patience is the watchword. Unfortunately, many are too much in haste in our world today. Majority have missed the good they often might have received because they did not exercise patience. Majority of would-be millionaires are cooling off in prisons just because they were too much in a haste to make money thereby resulting to crime. Many have bid the world farewell because they were too much in haste while driving. The list is endless. Indeed, the ability to exercise patience in our ever fast moving world is a virtue.

What is the rush for? Where else will you go after you get to your destination?

If you’re embarking on a journey, getting to the destination safe and sound should be your ultimate goal. If you have to get their early, leave early. By all means, avoid having to over speed. Live to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If your goal is to attain financial independence and to retain it, then being a con should not be an option for you as it can only make you temporarily rich; that’s if you’re even lucky before you’re caught. Lasting success can only be gotten legitimately.

A careful study of the lives of successful men and women has shown that the lofty heights they attained were not overnight; it took decades of hard work, self denial, persistence and patience. Even those that inherited wealth will confess that their patriarchs once had it rough. In doubt? Interview an achiever near you.

Whatever your goal may be, learn to exercise patience. Understand that there’s an appointed time for everything. Even when you sow a seed, harvest is not usually instantaneous – there’s usually a gap between sowing time and harvest time. Tampering with the timing will not yield the desired result(s). Patience is all it takes to clinch victory.

If you’ll ever feature in the future you’ve pictured, you must learn to exercise patience. I admit that it could be depressing when all your mates are making progress and it seems that you’re stagnant. Don’t be dismayed. Once you’re convinced you’re on the right track, keep at it (If you’re however not on the right track, ensure you get yourself on the right track - the path that works, the path of honour). Don’t quit. Success will come; just don’t give up before it does. That seed will germinate, just give it time. That business will break forth; just allow it time to expand. That much coveted job will be yours, just gain more experience where you are because that will be the prerequisite for the higher ground. What is not enough today will be enough tomorrow. Things will eventually get better. All the good things you desire will come with time. You will eventually build that house. You will eventually buy that dream car. Wait for your time – patiently, strategically and intelligently.

However, you should not be idle while waiting. If you’ve sown a seed, while waiting for the harvest, endeavor to nurture the seed to maturity so that the harvest can be bountiful. If you’re waiting for the result of an application, find something worthwhile to do while you’re waiting. Whatever the case may be, apply wisdom. Ensure you don’t waste that irrecoverable piece called time.

Your future is bright. Be patient. Colorful, shinning, bright, you will get there!

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