Tuesday 30 September 2008


Confession goes a long way in determining success or failure in any undertaking. Your thoughts and the words that eventually proceed out of your mouth (which is an indication of the state of your mind) have a lot to do with how things eventually turn out for you. Many have unknowingly sentenced themselves to perpetual poverty because of their repeated affirmations. Many often remain stagnant because of their confessions. Many fail in situations where they could easily succeed because of their confessions. Thus, it is evident that the mind and the tongue can both be the enemy. Call me a self-proclaimed shrink, but see what I mean…

Naturally, you can’t plant thorns and expect to reap oranges; it contradicts the law of sowing and reaping. In the same vein, you cannot store up thoughts of failure in your mind, affirm defeat and then expect to succeed; it contradicts the natural law. Your thoughts and words are very powerful; invisible, yet potent. Once you conjure it and you eventually let it out, your words permeate your subconscious mind to impress upon it your confession. Negative thoughts and utterances snuff out life from possible situations, while positive thoughts and utterances give life and momentum to situations. So in the long run, irrespective of your religion, you’ll end up having what you’ve been thinking and confessing. Thus, it is pertinent that you think and speak positively so that you can always achieve positive results.

If you’ve been adversely affected by wrong confessions in the past, all you need to do to simply change your fortune is to change your mindset and utterances; unwind the bad thoughts and affirmations and then re-suggest and re-impress positively on your mind. When you believe you can, your subconscious mind begins to suggest solutions to the seemingly impossible task(s) and before you know it, the impossible will become possible; it’s invincible.

Our Universe favors those who think and confess positively; it’s magical. Irrespective of your situation, be positive always and you’ll be surprised at how the universe will turn around everything for your good. The result(s) may not come instantaneously, but it’ll manifest with time.

Keep saying it. Keep believing it. Keep making it.

Friday 26 September 2008


Focusing on the odds instead of the possibilities is undoubtedly one of the enemies of progress. Many lose momentum in the pursuit of their dreams because they focus on the odds instead of the possibilities. Worst still, many totally give up on their dreams because they focus on the odds instead of the possibilities. On the other hand, it can be safely concluded that focusing on the possibilities instead of the odds is one sure way to clinch success. Call it a desultory thought, but see what I mean…

Since there are two sides to a coin, I totally agree that it’s only natural for you as a rational human being to think of the possible outcomes of an action before taking action. However, it should be noted that you’ll totally lose out if you don’t take action at all; you’ll end up losing all (100%) the probability of winning. Besides, there’s no foolproof course of action. Even in the bid to decide something by chance using the coin, you cannot determine the side of the coin (the head or the tail) that will be facing upwards until it’s tossed. So, it’s still important that you take action even in the face of glaring odds. Stop thinking “What if it doesn’t work?”, start thinking “What if it works?”. Be optimistic at all times.

Is it that you want to start a new business and you’re scared of investing your capital because of fear of failure? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if the business flourishes? What if it’ll liberate me from the shackles of “slavery”? What if it’ll help me achieve financial independence?

Is it that you want to launch an album and you’re scared of investing on it because you think the album might not sell well? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if I end up selling millions of copies of the album? What if it’s the album that’ll make me a celebrity? What if it’ll open more doors for me?

Is it that you want to bid for a project and you’re scared of wasting your resources and time should you lose? Instead of concentrating on the odds, think of the possibilities…what if I win the bid for the project? Or worse still, what if I lose this particular bid and win another in the future based on the experience I must have acquired while bidding for this particular project?

Whatever your situation may be, whatever you plan to embark on, don’t give up without trying. There’ll always be reasons why you shouldn’t embark on your plans and you’ll forever limit yourself if you give in to them (playing safe will prevent you from moving to the next level). At all times, irrespective of your circumstances, concentrate only on the possibilities (blindfold yourself to the odds) and then you’ll have enough reasons to take action. And when you act, the probability of losing will no longer be 100% because you would have conquered inertia. Even when you try and you happen to lose, you would have learnt valuable lessons that will equip you for the next try.

However, your sense of judgment must be sound. Think through before embarking on any action, there are times when a retreat is not cowardice but wisdom. Caution is the watchword, be wise.

Dream well. Think well. Plan well. Focus well. Act well. Succeed well.

Friday 19 September 2008


It is no secret that everybody wants to succeed in life. Everybody can actually succeed, but alas, everybody can’t succeed because many will give up on their dreams. Call me a prophet of doom, but see what I mean…

Life is not easy; never was, never will. As a matter of fact, show me a man whose life is challenge-free and I’ll show you a vegetable. Every objective worthy of the name is usually attached with strings called challenges. Life itself is full of challenges and when challenges come, as they sometimes will, only a fraction of dreamers withstand them. While thinking of the reasons why many concede defeat, I concluded that the chief is the lack of an ingredient called DESIRE in the quest for actualizing the objective. Desire (“a strong wish to have or do something” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) is the basis for initiating and executing any objective and once it’s lacking, the dreamer may likely relinquish the objective in the face of challenges. To pull through any challenging situation, the desire to attain the objective must be strong enough. Thus, this is a call for everyone desirous of meaningful success in life to reinforce their desires.

When faced with challenges, you need reasons why you should not give up on your objective, and it’s only your desire(s) that can give you the guts to confront and surmount the challenges. Personally, it’s too late for me to give up on my dreams in life; I’ve crossed the Rubicon. My strong desire to succeed fuels my ambition; it keeps me going even in the face of discouragements and challenges. And I have resolved that “so long as there’s a breath in me, that long I will persist till I join the caucus of successful people”. Even when my strength fails me, as it sometimes does, my strong desire won’t let me relinquish my dream still. Desire is everything; it’s omnipotent. Thus, I encourage you to reinforce your desire for success.

What is your goal and what is the challenge debarring it? Is it to proffer solution to a seemingly impossible task? Is it to save for an expensive, long-term project? Is it to attain a lofty height? Is it to attain financial independence? Is it to reach the zenith of your career? Is it to build a happy home? Or is it to sustain your marriage? Whatever it is, reinforce your desire to achieve the objective, and you’ll be amazed that from somewhere the wherewithal to pull through will be bestowed on you. You bet.

Keep dreaming. Keep desiring. Keep pursuing. Keep achieving.

Friday 12 September 2008


While thinking of a topic to write on during the week, I remembered the theme of the just concluded youth convention of my church and that settled it. Although I couldn’t attend the convention, the theme “Soar, eagle, soar.” alone inspired me. Come with me as I decipher the theme...

The theme comprises of two words namely “eagle” and “soar”. The eagle is one of the largest and most powerful birds in the world. A magnificent creature, an eagle is characterized with speed, strength, power, majesty, boldness, dependability, courage, great vision, singleness of purpose, tenderness, faithfulness, ferocity, and great daring. This amazing bird lives in high altitudes. Practically, eagles soar (to “soar”, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, means to rise quickly and smoothly up into the air, OR to fly very high in the air or remain high in the air.) higher than any other bird because they understand the ways of the thermal currents and they use it to their advantage (It doesn’t waste energy unnecessarily, but moves with speed at the most appropriate time; that way it can maintain flight for lengthy periods without undue exertion.). Eagles also have the ability to use the force of the storm to their advantage. And probably the most impressive quality of the eagle is the bird’s remarkable ability to renew its youth. (To read more about eagles, I recommend Bill Newman’s book titled “Soaring with Eagles”).Thus, the eagle is an important symbol for leaders and achievers everywhere.

We human beings can be likened to eagles. Like eagles, we have wondrous capabilities that we can harness to get to the summit. But alas, many men are crawling when they have the capacity to soar. Thus, the theme “Soar, eagle, soar.” is a clarion call urging crawling eagles to utilize their prowess. And the message is clear:

1. Never give up on your dreams, never settle for less.
2. Never give in to adversity, instead harness it to your advantage.
3. Never work hard, work smart.

Sometimes, the hustling and bustling of our world overwhelm us to the extent that we forget who we really are. You are an eagle by making; don’t let your present situation cloud your reasoning. You will agree with me that no reputable manufacturer will release a defective product in its name to the market. Likewise, your Maker wouldn’t have released you into the world if you had not been implanted with all that you need to thrive (Existence will even be a mere mockery if incomplete and incompetent beings were actually created and thrown into the world to survive in a harsh environment.). The fact that you made it outside the womb is an indication that your making was a success. The fact that you’re not maximizing your potentials doesn’t negate the fact that you’ve been implanted with diverse talents. The fact that you’re not using your wings doesn’t negate the fact that the wings are there. I don’t know your height, weight, sex, race, family background, financial situation nor your geographical location but I’m persuaded that you are an amazing being. You are whole and complete – a masterpiece. In actual fact, you are a god. Your abilities are untold. You don’t have limitations except the ones you place on yourself. You can turn around any situation you find yourself. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.

We’re often tempted to think that we’ll do better if we have better/more talents. I contest the notion. You don’t need all the gifts in the world to make a difference, all that you need is all that you have. Use them to the fullest, be the best you can be with them. You might not be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan nor sing like Celine Dion but you sure can function in the capacity into which you’ve been called with your peculiar gift(s). So the challenge is discovering your gift(s) and your purpose. Once you discover your gift(s) and purpose, work on them tenaciously and before you know it, you’ll be caught up in the air and you’ll soar effortlessly to heights only eagles attain. I know of a minister in person of Bishop David Oyedepo who acquired a private jet many years ago without much ado. He just acquired a second private jet recently and he’s still waxing stronger financially. Yet, he’s not a bank executive neither is he a politician that usurped public funds, he’s just a minister (That’s what happens when you use your gift(s) to pursue your ordained purpose - you’ll soar effortlessly.). No doubt, Bishop David Oyedepo is an eagle and it’s apparent that he’s using his wings. You don’t have an excuse too, your wings are there for you to use. So discover your innate gifts, hone them, and use them to the full.

Isn’t it funny that we have beggars on the streets of New York? Thus, it is evident that location doesn’t confer wealth nor freedom, every individual decides his/her fate. This is a reawakening call for all and sundry. Don’t waste/underutilize your talents. The world is not benefiting from your crawling, rise! You are an eagle, so act like one.

Be reminded that, like every steward, you’ll give account of the usage of your gift(s) to your Maker someday. Thus, it is pertinent that you make the best use of them while you’re still breathing. Redefine your dreams, it’s time to move up to a higher ground. It’s time to maximize your potentials so that you can live a better, nobler and more harmonious life.

You can do it, it’s in you. Summon your powers, summon your intellect, it’s time to soar! Spread your awesome wings, leap into the air, effortlessly but powerfully flap your wings and then simply soar to the higher realm where you rightfully belong.

Soar, eagle, soar!