Friday 14 November 2008


Why do some civil servants collect bribe? Why do some politicians embezzle public funds? Why do some lecturers extort students? Why do some married folks commit adultery? Why do some brilliant youths involve themselves in crime? Why do some beautiful ladies from respectable families sleep around? Why are some law enforcement agents corrupt? Those were the questions that filled my thoughts earlier this week which in turn gave birth to this write-up. After some deep thinking sessions, I concluded that the chief reason why people involve themselves in despicable acts is because they are not contented with what they have. Call it another fib, but see what I mean…

A man that is not contented with what he has might be tempted to steal. A lady/woman that loves money might find it hard refusing rich men. An extravagant civil servant might be tempted to collect bribe. An impatient youth might resort to fraud/crime. A power-loving new entrant into a university might be tempted to join secret cult. The list is endless. Discontentment begets covetousness which in turn begets evils.

If you want to achieve true success and lasting peace, you must be contented with your position per time. This is not to say that you should rest on your oars, you should strive to improve your situation legitimately instead of cutting corners. Cutting corners robs you of your potentials. It can even mar your destiny. The repercussions of cutting corners are unrest, regrets and pains. Instead of using your ingenuity negatively, use it positively. Map out a workable plan that will make you independent and follow through though the heavens fall.

If your income is not enough to meet your needs, strive to leave the position for a better position where you can stand on your own without having to collect bribe, embezzle public funds or look up to anybody for favors. Be contented with your spouse, develop him/her to your standard if you have to. In any situation you find yourself, be contented. Crime is never an option. Don’t envy others. Be happy with what you have where you are and use that base to launch yourself to a higher height where you can function in your capacity. Maximize the opportunities where you are. Maximize your potentials. Be the best you can be.

Don’t throw away the glorious future ahead of you. You will eventually get all the beautiful things you covet with time if you stick to the plan. Be patient, all will be well.

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