Friday 25 July 2008


That majority are myopic is no longer news. I jokingly interviewed some people (youngsters, grown-ups and even some old people) recently and as I anticipated, I discovered that not everybody expects much from life. And this explains why everybody cannot live life to the full. It’s harsh, but it’s the sad truth.

Let me share a personal experience with you. When I took my first job some years back, my employer demanded for the salary I was expecting but I left it open because I was young and na├»ve. So, he just made me an offer and I took it. Six months after, another person was interviewed to assist me with the project I was handling and I was shocked that my boss agreed to pay him his expectation which was exactly double my salary as at that time. However, I summoned up courage to talk to my employer a month after the other dude was employed and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the salary difference. Guess what? He increased my salary! I was devastated because it suddenly dawned on me that I was responsible for what I was receiving all the while because I didn’t have an expectation when I joined the company.

I also recall that there were many instances when I actually intended to pay higher for some services but which I ended up paying less because the providers of the services expected and requested for less. With these reasons and many more too voluminous to write on these pages, I have reasonably concluded that one of the reasons why majority do not get the best from life is because they do not expect much from life.

Expectation matters a lot. Believe me, where you are presently is a function of the expectations you had in the past and where you’ll be in the years to come, to a large extent, will be a function of your present expectation for the years ahead. Expect big! Life, just like my former stern employer, delivers only your expectation to you. So, when you don’t have an expectation, what you are simply doing is leaving yourself at the mercy of circumstances. You’ll end up somewhere though, but definitely not where you’ll be if you had expectations. However, when your expectations are high, you won’t be able to settle for less because it’ll propel you to think big, plan big, act big and ask big. And inevitably, you’ll receive big!

What are your expectations? Are they in line with your mapped out goals and plans? Are they reasonable? Will they take you closer to your dreams or they just offer mere survival? Are they big enough to distinguish you? Can they liberate you? Think again and redefine your expectations so that you can get the best from life.

There are miracles in the offing, but you must expect them to receive them. Though you are unlimited, your expectations can still limit you. So, I urge you not to stand on your own path. Know your worth, expect big!

You have the exclusive right to dictate the occurrences in your life. Be ambitious. Be expectant. Be pro-active. Be successful!


Mr. Tee said...

Another Lovely piece...From d above situation with your previous employer, what if you had mentioned an amount that was beyond his expectations? Some employers might feel one is greedy...or what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Taiwo,

Your questions refer.

If I had mentioned an amount that was beyond his expectation, he would have known that I was a high flier and he would have negotiated if he couldn't pay that much. No employer can tag you “greedy” because you asked for more than he could offer, rather he’ll see you as someone that knows his worth.

...and thanks for the compliment, I couldn't have asked for more.



Is a fact of life that what you carry in the inside must surely reflect in the outside, those that expect less end up receiving less. Always dream big and expect more.

Anonymous said...

beautiful piece... your style is very good and i am honored by your mail.

We almost always actually get what we expect, why ask for less when you can get more!

Pastor Joe said...

Hello bro Ibukunolu, this is Pastor Joe Agbi Liberation Haven International Ministries Benin city.
I have tried severally to reach you but just 2days ago, i was told you've travelled.

If you can still remember, can you help me with those my details on the site you opened for me.

God bless you & keep you in all your endeavours in Jesus name.

Pst Joe Agbi

Ibukunolu said...

@ Pastor Joe:

Hello Pastor Joe, offcourse I remember you. How's the family and the ministry? I trust God has been faithful.

The site I opened for you was "". Sign in to the site with the email address I opened for you ( I can't remember the password, but I'm sure you can.

Hope it works.