Friday 17 October 2008


It’s only the living that can dream, plan, act and accomplish in the land of the living, the dead can do nothing. However, it’s not all the living that can run around in the pursuit of their goals, it’s only those that are in good health that can. Thus, it is evident that good health is very crucial to success. But alas, little is often said about the importance of safeguarding one’s health in the quest for success in motivational/success books. Whereas health is EVERYTHING; when health is lost, all is lost. Hence, the need to remind the living of the importance of their health to the attainment of their dreams comes as a welcoming idea.

The human system can be likened to a machine. Although amazing in its operations, the human system is still prone to damages/break down like every other machine. To avoid down time, the human system needs to be serviced constantly. During the down time, it needs to be fixed so that it won’t pack up completely. Unfortunately, many pursue their dreams at the expense of their health. Worse still, many jeopardize their health with their reckless lifestyles. Sadly, it’s not all damages to the system that can be rectified, some are terminal. Isn’t it sheer stupidity then for anyone to behave as if life has a duplicate? The answer is affirmative.

Ill health is a threat to dreams. Worse still, death is an extinguisher of dreams. Thus, the need for you to safeguard your health in order to stay alive and healthy cannot be overemphasized because every other pursuit depends on it. By safeguarding your health, you’re simply safeguarding your dreams.

Clearly, there’s no substitute for good health. Since your body is not immune to damages, it is only wise that you steer clear of anything that can jeopardize your health or even cut short your life. Learn more about your body and do all you can to safeguard it; spiritually, physically, psychologically. Take out time to relax regularly. Sleep well. Eat well. Exercise well. And most importantly, forsake your enemies: cigarette, too much of alcohol intake, indiscriminate sex, too much of sugar intake, hard drugs, to name a few. Discipline yourself for the sake of your dreams.

It’s only when you’re alive and healthy that you can be success-bound. So, it is imperative that you adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to feature in the future you’ve pictured. Be wise.

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