Friday 27 June 2008


Let’s conduct a small experiment. Get a radio set and turn it on. Then tune between the frequencies. You will notice that as you keep tuning, you will receive different signals because each frequency is dedicated to a different station. Definitely, the broadcast received will differ from frequency to frequency.

Let’s also conduct another experiment. Get two (2) different GSM SIM Cards from different GSM providers (for instance MTN SIM Card and Celtel SIM Card for GSM users in Nigeria). Using the same phone, first insert the first SIM Card, say SIM Card A, into the phone and note the signal received. Now remove SIM Card A from the phone and insert the second SIM Card, say SIM Card B, and also note the signal received. Absolutely, the two different SIM Cards would have received the network signals of their respective service providers. It is worthy to note that the two network signals are in the air, just that having a specific SIM Card gives access to the specific network signal.

Undoubtedly, there are many radio signals in the air; that you don’t turn the radio on or that you don’t tune in to the right frequency does not negate that fact. There are many GSM network signals in the air; that you are not connected to any does not negate that fact. There are many international TV channels on DSTV; that you don’t have a DSTV dish and decoder does not negate that fact. In the same vein, there are many untapped resources in our Universe; that they remain underutilized does not negate that fact. There are some Laws (which are true and absolute) that govern our Universe that we can use to our advantage. There are many natural resources that we can exploit. There are different paths we can thread. There are many in-built talents in every individual that can be harnessed towards the attainment of worthy purposes. Indeed, our world offers endless options but we must tune in to the right frequency to achieve the target.

The level of success you will attain in life will depend, to a large extent, on your ability to fully utilize the vast resources the Creator has put in place for your sake. So, be current; be informed + be empowered. And be smart; recognize, choose right, tune in and fully harness the resources available so that you can achieve more.

Your abilities and conquests are yet untold. The world belongs to you my friend!

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