Friday 7 November 2008

CLARION CALL – a prose by Ibukunolu Ishola

Man is Universe’s beneficiary, yet few possess their rightful possessions.
Nature is lavish, yet few live in abundance.
The laws were made for Man’s good, yet the laws work against Man.
Herbs were made for Man to heal his diseases, yet Man abuses drugs to his detriment.
The Creator endowed Man with wisdom to re-create, instead Man manufactures weapons of destruction and uses same on self.
Man is blessed with innumerable natural resources, yet many nations fail to properly utilize them for their good.
What an irony; a mockery of creation, a sheer wickedness to self.

Oh what an otiose round of pursuits we often engage ourselves in,
Oh what needless pain we bear,
Oh what peace we often forfeit,
All because we are not functioning in our capacities.

Why should the custodians of the Universe be living as tenants? It shouldn’t be.
Let’s return to the ideal situation.
Let’s accept responsibility.
Let’s seek restoration.
Let’s right the wrongs.
Let’s heal our Land.
Let’s harness our resources.
Let’s maximize our potentials.
Let’s create abundance and live in it.
Let’s love one another.
Let’s live together in perfect harmony.
Let’s emancipate ourselves.
Let’s change our world (individually and collectively).
Let’s rule our world.
The time is now.

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