Friday 19 September 2008


It is no secret that everybody wants to succeed in life. Everybody can actually succeed, but alas, everybody can’t succeed because many will give up on their dreams. Call me a prophet of doom, but see what I mean…

Life is not easy; never was, never will. As a matter of fact, show me a man whose life is challenge-free and I’ll show you a vegetable. Every objective worthy of the name is usually attached with strings called challenges. Life itself is full of challenges and when challenges come, as they sometimes will, only a fraction of dreamers withstand them. While thinking of the reasons why many concede defeat, I concluded that the chief is the lack of an ingredient called DESIRE in the quest for actualizing the objective. Desire (“a strong wish to have or do something” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) is the basis for initiating and executing any objective and once it’s lacking, the dreamer may likely relinquish the objective in the face of challenges. To pull through any challenging situation, the desire to attain the objective must be strong enough. Thus, this is a call for everyone desirous of meaningful success in life to reinforce their desires.

When faced with challenges, you need reasons why you should not give up on your objective, and it’s only your desire(s) that can give you the guts to confront and surmount the challenges. Personally, it’s too late for me to give up on my dreams in life; I’ve crossed the Rubicon. My strong desire to succeed fuels my ambition; it keeps me going even in the face of discouragements and challenges. And I have resolved that “so long as there’s a breath in me, that long I will persist till I join the caucus of successful people”. Even when my strength fails me, as it sometimes does, my strong desire won’t let me relinquish my dream still. Desire is everything; it’s omnipotent. Thus, I encourage you to reinforce your desire for success.

What is your goal and what is the challenge debarring it? Is it to proffer solution to a seemingly impossible task? Is it to save for an expensive, long-term project? Is it to attain a lofty height? Is it to attain financial independence? Is it to reach the zenith of your career? Is it to build a happy home? Or is it to sustain your marriage? Whatever it is, reinforce your desire to achieve the objective, and you’ll be amazed that from somewhere the wherewithal to pull through will be bestowed on you. You bet.

Keep dreaming. Keep desiring. Keep pursuing. Keep achieving.

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