Friday, 27 July 2007


There’s nothing worth doing in this world that does not involve any form of risk(s). Many have slipped and died in their bathrooms while taking their baths but that does not mean we would stop having our baths. Many have died of auto accidents in the process of finding their daily bread but that is not an excuse for remaining indoors. That people die in their sleep is no news but we must sleep. Many businessmen have gone bankrupt because they wanted to enlarge their estates. Many have lost their lives as a result of failed surgical operations. Many scientists have lost their lives in some laudable exploits. Countless number of individuals have lost so much money to credit cards/ATM cards fraudsters but that does not negate the fact that the cards makes life easier. Shall we then remain stagnant for the fear of the unknown without taking a conscious effort to better our lot? Shall we shrink without putting up a fight? Certainly not a wise thing to do.

Consciously or unconsciously, we all take one form of risk or the other in the course of fulfilling our daily obligation(s). Life is all about risks. Unfortunately, many cower when they realize they have to take a risk to proceed to the next level and as such they limit themselves. Without gainsay, the ability to take calculated risk(s), amongst other things, will determine the level of success an individual will attain in life.

Our splendid universe is always partial to the bold. As unfair as life can be, a destiny can still be enhanced by a single act of boldness. Amazing things happen when one decides to leave his comfort zone. You loose all the probability of winning if you do not take a risk when an opportunity presents itself. Dare to take a risk. “Great enterprises are only achieved by adventurous spirits. They who calculate with too great nicety every difficulty and obstacle which is likely to lie in their way, lose that time in hesitation, which the more daring seize and render available to the loftiest purposes.” said Jean De la Fontaine.

Care should however be taken not to take foolish risks, the risk(s) must be carefully calculated putting into consideration the worst scenario in mind should the plan fail. Face it, some mountains cannot be easily climbed, but you can certainly maneuver your way around them. Be flexible. Analyze properly and think through. Look before you leap.

Stagnation, frustration, and mediocrity are often the portion of those that do not take risks. Are you tired of your status? Do you need an enlargement of coast? Then, it’s time to take a risk! How can you ever discover new islands if you don’t have the courage to lose sight of the shore? Go on a journey via uncharted route. Take a gargantuan step. Say ‘yes’ to progression, break the jinx!

Thursday, 19 July 2007


The same number of seconds is available to all men in a day but what each man does with his time varies. Give ten (10) individuals the same talents, put them in the same environment, and give them time. Check after the test period and you’ll be shocked that their level of success will differ. Since the output in life is determined mostly by our input, the ability to manage time effectively will, to a large extent, contribute to the level of success we will achieve in life.

It is no news that every day is blessed with twenty-four (24) hours, and every hour with sixty (60) minutes and every minute with sixty (60) seconds; and this cycle runs day in, day out, year in, year out. In an average lifetime, say seventy (70) years, we have 2,207,520,000 seconds (60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days x 70 years). In our daily living, it’s very easy to waste time on silly things without even realizing it. Think of the time you spend sleeping in a day, deduct it from the available seconds and recalculate. Think of the time you spend watching films, deduct it from the available seconds and recalculate. Think of the time you spend in the beer parlor, deduct it from the available seconds and recalculate. Think of the time you spend in the pursuit of women, deduct it from the available seconds and recalculate. Think of the time you spend on other unproductive pursuits, deduct it from the available seconds and recalculate. If you do a thorough analysis, and you’re truthful to yourself, you’ll be shocked of the number of seconds left for you to do something worthwhile in this world. Alas, not everyone will even live as long as seventy years of age before their inevitable end, so that practically reduces the chances of having 2,207,520,000 seconds to live! Even if you’re prudent with every second, the 24 hours available in a day may not even be enough to do all what you have to do; which leaves no time to be spent on some useless pursuits. Unfortunately, many men still recklessly spend their time on irrelevancies.

“Space we can recover, time never” remarked Napoleon Bonaparte. Once it ticks, time is irrecoverable. Don’t let your daily routine(s) ruin you, make every second count! Be the custodian of your life by determining how you spend your time. Drop some habits and add some. Be honest, are you investing your time on worthwhile pursuits? Will your present engagement(s) lead you to a glorious end? Re-evaluate your life and re-strategize.

There should be more to life than living and dying. Decide to make a difference. Don’t just pass through life unnoticed and uncelebrated, strive to leave indelible footprints on the sand of time. Your future is what you make of every passing second, don’t take it with levity. Use to the full every moment; constructively, intelligently, nobly.

Death is inevitable; it will come when it will come. If death comes knocking, are you going to die smiling (with the satisfaction that you’ve fought the good fight)? Or are you going to die with regrets (with the consciousness that you could have achieved more if you had lived a different lifestyle)? Time will tell.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


No matter how gifted you are, you cannot possibly succeed without the help of others. Imagine what it would be like if you have to solely make your cloths, solely plant your food, solely build your house, solely fix your car, solely provide electricity for your household, solely manufacture your shoe, solely make your furniture, to name a few. If you have to do it all alone, I kid you not, your lifespan will be reduced even if you’re a super human! Since we cannot possibly do everything all by ourselves, how then can we achieve more while conserving energy? How can others come in handy to further our cause? Synergy is to the rescue.

Though we might not have taken cognizance of it, but the fact remains that in the course of achieving a task worthy of the name, we often synergize in one way or the other. Even the creator knows the importance of synergy, no wonder why He made two hands (comprising of an average of 5 fingers each), two ears, two eyes, two legs (comprising of an average of 5 toes each), two eyes, two lungs, two breasts (in the case of women for breastfeeding), two kidneys, to name a few to help and complement each other. In entirety, man himself can be said to be a product of synergy; the fusion of sperm and ovum.

I have come to a reasonable conclusion that selfishness and pride are the reasons why majority want to go it all alone; asking for help hurts their ego and they always want to take all the glory! It will interest you to know that you can achieve so much more in so little time if you accept the fact that you cannot possibly be skilled in all areas and if it doesn’t matter who takes the credit. A writer might not be able to design graphics, he may not even know the basics of printing, yet he can have his book in fine prints if he synergizes with a good graphics artist and printer. Truly, it’s a lot easier working as a team than slugging-it-out individually; it saves time, energy, and most importantly it brings better results.

As limitless as man’s abilities are, he’s still not all-inclusive. A social being by making, man needs the help of others to thrive. No wonder why John Maxwell remarked that “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.” It behooves us to swallow our pride and embrace synergy so we can achieve more. Be wise: don’t work harder, work smarter.

Thursday, 5 July 2007


There’s nothing worth pursuing in this world that does not need careful planning. From space adventure to building an edifice, to name a few, every task worthy of the name needs careful planning. I’m yet to come across a man who does not want to prosper. Alas, not all men will succeed in life. Call me a prophet of doom, but see what I mean…

Let’s look at the erection of a building, as it should be, together. Before a block is ever laid on a site, a surveyor does the survey of the land. Afterwards, based on the intention of the owner and upon consultations with an architect, the architect comes up with a plan for the house. Not until after the plan is finished can construction commence on the site as even the digging for the foundation requires consultations with the plan. From a detailed plan of a building, you can tell where the toilet will be on the site without seeing two blocks on each other. Simply put, the plan guides the erection of the building from the foundation to the finishing. Imagine there’s no plan to work with, though the house may be built anyway, but it won’t be what it should be if it was properly planned. As it is for the erection of a building, so it is in our individual lives. If you fail to plan ahead, you might forever be at the mercy of the future; life will toss you wherever it wills. However, having a plan for your life gives you the opportunity to take charge of your life. Thus, it is imperative for those that desire to thrive to have an effective plan for the future.

The axiom “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” cannot be truer. The universe was not structured to favour the frivolous. From time immemorial, human wants has always been insatiable and the resources for satisfying them has always been limited which brings about the need for effective planning. To wrest the best from life, you must learn how to plan your resources; time, money, name it. Some things can wait till your dreams and aspirations come to fruition! You must learn to say ‘no’ to some luxuries for the sake of your future. No matter how little you earn, learn to save or invest to fund your plan. Learn to always distinguish between an asset and a liability. Be wise enough to secure your future.

In as much as you should carefully plan your steps ahead, care should however be taken not to be too resolute. You must know when to strike a balance; when to act on instinct when an opportunity presents itself. As Robert Greene advised “your plan must include alternatives and have a degree of flexibility. If you are locked into a plan too rigidly, you will be unable to deal with sudden shifts of fortune.”

If you don’t take charge of your life, who will? Take a break to reflect on your life. Are you satisfied with where you are? Where are you going from where you are presently? What do you desire from life? Are your dreams attainable? What plans do you have of achieving your dreams? Are you prepared to pay the price? Are you committed to follow through if checkered by failure? All these demand reckoning.

Whatever your situation may be, however tight your schedule may be, however little your pay may be, however hopeless the odds are, I have good news for you: it’s not over yet! That higher ground you covet so much is still attainable, but you must accept responsibility. Stop living a lie. Fix a goal, devise a plan and follow through. Challenge fate to it; redefine your destiny!

I conclude with the words of Robert Greene, I quote “The ending is everything. Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, and twists of fortune that might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others. By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop. Gently guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead.”