Tuesday 30 September 2008


Confession goes a long way in determining success or failure in any undertaking. Your thoughts and the words that eventually proceed out of your mouth (which is an indication of the state of your mind) have a lot to do with how things eventually turn out for you. Many have unknowingly sentenced themselves to perpetual poverty because of their repeated affirmations. Many often remain stagnant because of their confessions. Many fail in situations where they could easily succeed because of their confessions. Thus, it is evident that the mind and the tongue can both be the enemy. Call me a self-proclaimed shrink, but see what I mean…

Naturally, you can’t plant thorns and expect to reap oranges; it contradicts the law of sowing and reaping. In the same vein, you cannot store up thoughts of failure in your mind, affirm defeat and then expect to succeed; it contradicts the natural law. Your thoughts and words are very powerful; invisible, yet potent. Once you conjure it and you eventually let it out, your words permeate your subconscious mind to impress upon it your confession. Negative thoughts and utterances snuff out life from possible situations, while positive thoughts and utterances give life and momentum to situations. So in the long run, irrespective of your religion, you’ll end up having what you’ve been thinking and confessing. Thus, it is pertinent that you think and speak positively so that you can always achieve positive results.

If you’ve been adversely affected by wrong confessions in the past, all you need to do to simply change your fortune is to change your mindset and utterances; unwind the bad thoughts and affirmations and then re-suggest and re-impress positively on your mind. When you believe you can, your subconscious mind begins to suggest solutions to the seemingly impossible task(s) and before you know it, the impossible will become possible; it’s invincible.

Our Universe favors those who think and confess positively; it’s magical. Irrespective of your situation, be positive always and you’ll be surprised at how the universe will turn around everything for your good. The result(s) may not come instantaneously, but it’ll manifest with time.

Keep saying it. Keep believing it. Keep making it.

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