Saturday 29 December 2007


Since we are social beings that cannot do without interacting, our interests are bound to conflict with other people’s interest once in a while and when it does, whether consciously or unconsciously, we hurt others - even those we love. In fact, I doubt if it is possible to live life without hurting someone. Since we are all susceptible to hurting others, it is important that we forgive people when they hurt us because we will also need others to forgive us too when we hurt them. Else, prospering in this world of ours will be difficult. No wonder why George Herbert concluded that “he who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself.”

Truth be told, forgiving others is not an easy task especially when it hurts badly; you have to be strong to forgive. Be that as it may, shall we always severe our relationship with everyone that hurts us? Shall we obstruct the good we often might receive because of past hurts? Shall we hurt our health because of mere events or talks? Obviously, that will be the beginning of insanity!

Holding on to past hurt(s) clouds your reasoning - which invariably affects your decisions and your decisions in turn affect the results you get - which explains why unforgiving people are often stagnant. So learn to forgive others if you desire growth. Likewise, you should never resort to revenge in any situation because if you do, given that the law of sowing and reaping is true and absolute, others too will have revenge on you when you hurt them. Instead of having to carry the heavy baggage of past hurts, you can transfer the guilt to the offender by letting out the grievances and forgiving the fellow(s) concerned.

As we conclude another year, it is advisable that you forgive all those that have offended you no matter how grave the offence(s) might be so that you can usher in the New Year with peace of mind. With peace of mind, you will be able to think straight – and if you can think straight, your breakthrough is certain. With peace of mind, you will also enjoy good health which will give you the opportunity to achieve the desired increase because health, they say, is wealth. Most importantly, forgiving others will win you more allies who will assist you in achieving your goals.

Employ forgiveness as a tool to your advancement. Alleviate your situation, let go and let God.

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