Friday 14 December 2007


I once heard of an entrepreneur who veered into cat fish farming (with artificial plastic tanks) without being properly informed. He was made to believe that the dirtier the water, the better for the cat fish (whereas modern research has shown that constant changing of water helps because feed leftovers, excreta and ammonia from the water invites diseases and also slows down the growth of the fish) and so he didn’t change the water often. He also fed the fish with the wrong feed concentrate he was prescribed. To add to that, he overstocked the pond based on the information he got. Since the environment was not right for the fish, and the feed does not supply them with the nutrients which they require to flourish, majority of the fish died while the survivors didn’t grow up to the anticipated size. Hence, the venture culminated in loss. That’s what happens when one is misinformed or not informed at all.

We rob ourselves of success by being in the dark - good things elude us because we do not have the right information. If the methodology is not right, the output cannot be right. Wrong information in business, academics, or in any area of our lives will inevitably lead to failure – you can’t beat it! A sure way of escaping from failure is by being informed and acting on the information to further your cause. If you are rightly informed (if you know where to get what you want, how to get it, recognize it when you get it and maximize its utility), you will be able to achieve more. Thus, the right Information is very vital to the success of any endeavor because the input, to a large extent, determines the output.

How often do you search for information in the wrong place? How often do you act on information that has not been ascertained to be true? Don’t be deceived, if the information is not right, the output will definitely not be what it should be; failure is inevitable if the fundamentals are not right. Many feats we consider impossible are possible with the right information. To the fellow who wants to study abroad but does not have enough funds, do you know that tuition is totally free in Scandinavian countries? Find out. To the frustrated researcher who’s incapacitated by funds, do you know that many research grants go unclaimed every year? Find out. Do you know that you can source for about any information on the Internet to help with whatever project you embark on? Find out. The list is endless. Whatever you want, however you want it, wherever you want it, you can have it; all it takes is the right information. And the good news is that all the information you require is in the air, all you have to do is source for it in the appropriate place.

Ignorance limits; it even kills. Whereas, having the right information saves you a lot of time and stress, and then helps you to achieve the desired. As such, it is important that you get your facts right before venturing into anything. Whatever the vocation you’re in, whatever your location, the right information can catapult you into greatness. So, seek it. Secure it. Utilize it. Preserve it.

Information, they say, is power. Thus, it is important that you commit yourself to the sourcing of correct information from time to time so that you can always do the right thing so that you can always get the right result(s). Having the right information gives you the winning edge, so key-in into the vast information available to improve your lot. You can do the impossible. You can achieve your desires. You can even set the pace. You can excel.

Do more than exist, flourish!

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