Wednesday 9 January 2008


Our world is all-inclusive; Mother Nature has provision for all our needs. All that living things (plants, animals, human beings) needs to survive has been deposited in this same world of ours, all we have to do is to find it and use it – that simple! Is it water? Apart from rivers, streams, you can also find water below the surface of the earth. It even falls as rain. Is it food? We have numerous plants and animals that are edible. Is it herbs? Many plants are medicinal, even their roots are not useless. Is it energy? Crude oil, charcoal, to name a few, are always there for us to convert to suit our purpose. Is it shelter? Trees, limestone, sharp sand, rocks are always there for us to utilize to build for ourselves the shelter that we desire. No doubt, the Master Architect of the universe had envisioned all our needs and made provision for them all. As generous as nature is, it is however sad that many lack. I have reasonably concluded that one of the reasons why men lack is because they fail to tap from the vast provision; they fail to seek what they require. Thus, they dine and wine with poverty when all they require to flourish and lavish has been provided. What a pity!

A careful study of nature shows that our universe is not structured to favor the indolent; you have to seek to obtain. Food does not get to birds in their nests; they go out to find food. As tiny as ants are, they also search for their food. Even the king of the jungle does not enjoy the largesse of animals having to stroll into his den, he goes out to hunt! Yet, we wait for destiny to smile on us when all we need to do is to seek! Funny, isn’t it?

The secret of obtaining is seeking; it is omnipotent.

Good things sometimes elude us because we seek amiss; how you seek, when you seek, where you seek, and from whom you seek matters. Thus, it is important that you get your facts right before taking action. Can a fisherman find fish in the desert? Likewise, a trained petroleum engineer will be wasting his time in a desert; he needs to be where his services are needed before he can be gainfully employed. You can obtain whatever you want if you seek right. Do you want a change of job? Then, roll out your resume in numbers to establishments in need of your services. Do you need contracts? Send out proposals to all prospective clients; they need to know what you can offer. The list is endless. To get the desired result(s), you must do it the way it ought to be done.

It’s alright to manage while you’re working out a solution, but it’s a sin in a world of plenty to keep managing till the end of your days. So, do something! Take a step. Even if you have to seek greener pastures in another continent, do so! By all means, ensure you part ways with poverty. As we begin another year, it is imperative that you seek out your wants so that you can finish strong. You deserve nothing but the very best, so go for gold! Whatever you want can be yours if you seek for it; it might not come easily though, but it can be yours with effort and perseverance. Why settle for less then when all that you require can be obtained?

Universe’s heir, it’s time to exercise your rights; seek the fortune that you are entitled to. It’s time to possess your possessions! It’s time to prosper!

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