Friday 7 December 2007


Have you ever wondered how ants locate sugar? Isn’t it funny that bees will always locate nectar no matter how remote the location of the flower might be? Ever fathomed how maggots get inside sealed tombs? How bizarre!

All of nature (all the plants, animals and things that exist in the universe that are not made by people according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) obeys the law of attraction. This law is true to the latter. It states that every action attracts a reaction. It is inescapable. The law can work for you or against you. It is eternal. However, as absolute as the law is, Man, unlike animals that can only adapt to their environment, can influence it to his advantage by altering his actions which in turn attracts the desired results. What a relief!

Whether you accept it or not, you are responsible for all the circumstances that befalls you. An indolent person will attract nothing but poverty, demotion and frustration while a hardworking person will attract increase, success and consequently fulfillment. This behooves us to critically assess our lives. Who are you? What do you attract...success or failure? What caliber of people do you pull to yourself? If you are a spinster and all your suitors are usually riff-raffs, then it’s time to check yourself; there must be something about you that attracts them! If all the jobs you’ve ever been offered have been odd all your life, then think again; there must be something about your personality that suggests to the employers that you’re only good for odd jobs! The list is endless. You are where you are today because you attracted the conditions and your tomorrow is also dependent on what you attract. Your work ethics, attitude, level of education, mindset, character, amongst other things, will inevitably attract success or failure to you. Isn’t it wise then that you control what you attract so that only the desired will come to pass? The answer is affirmative.

Since you are not exempt from the law of attraction, it is imperative that you use the law to your advantage. As complicated as nature is, you can manipulate it to suit your purpose; you can control the effect by altering the cause. You can get the best from life by attracting only the desired. You can attract abundance. You can recreate your world by consciously creating the causes. You can woo success.

It’s time for conquest, so take on your armour of resistance, and utilize your weapon of change; vehemently resist life from pushing you willy-nilly, dictate for it. Unlimited Man, it’s time to exhibit your limitless abilities. It’s time to dominate!

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