Friday 21 December 2007


Self esteem, according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, is a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities. You can’t possibly achieve much if you are not happy with yourself. Many fail in the battle of life because they believe they are not good enough for success. Most youths involve themselves in drugs because of low self esteem. The major reason behind suicides in our world today is as a result of low self esteem. Majority involve themselves in ludicrous habits as a result of low self esteem. The list is endless. As dangerous as the consequences of low self-esteem are, it is however sad that our schools’ curricula are filled with teachings on ethics but fails to teach Men how to boost their self esteem. What a sham!

Life is not without stress; never was, never will. You’ll always have issues to deal with and you’re definitely going to feel down once in a while, but you must be quick to get yourself up when you do. Always be conscious of who you are. No matter the situation, don’t ever forget your makeup: You are an amazing being full of intricate systems. Think of your magnificent body mechanism. Think of your tireless pumping machine called the heart that is responsible for pumping blood through your blood vessels. Think of the fluid of life called the blood that constantly flows through your vessels, delivering essential elements, and removing harmful wastes. Think of the paired organs in your chest called the lungs that perform respiration. Think of the most complex organ in your body called the brain that regulates virtually all your activities. More curiosity about your body and how it functions will definitely lead to understanding and respect for self. All the organs deposited in your body by the Creator could not have been put in place for show-off, they were deposited in you to give you the life needed to carry out your divine assignment. I say, and reiterate, that you are not an afterthought. You were made to redefine possibilities. You are unique. You have abilities yet untold. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. So, refuse to believe that you are good for nothing.

Whoever you are, however ugly you are, however fat you are, however short you are, however dumb you are, however broke you are, however deformed you are, whatever colour your skin may be, however hopeless the odds may be, I implore you to believe in yourself. If you’re alive as you read this, there’s hope. So, purge yourself of the limiting thoughts! Look yourself up in the mirror and assess your self. Whatever you see in the mirror is you and the earlier you accept it, the better for you. Beauty is skin deep, so don’t worry about your looks. What matters is that you are part of the Infinite and that your abilities are limitless. So, never, never, ever relinquish your dreams! Never give up on yourself. Since power comes from within, it is important that you recourse to your inner strength for solutions to your challenges. Look within and identify your endowments and then use them to the full to further your cause. You are not useless, there’s something special in you. You have something special to contribute to this world of ours. You are a torch bearer. You can change the course of history. You can beat circumstances to it.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.” So, enough of the cruelty to yourself! It’s time to regain your dignity. On your feet soldier! Draw your sword, and then launch an attack on the adversary called low self-esteem with all your might before it ruins you. Pursue, overtake, recover!

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