Friday 21 November 2008


I have been around a little and I have seen. I’m of the opinion that nothing happens by chance. To win a prize, a price must be paid. While thinking of the several prices of success, I concluded that the ultimate price for enviable success is DISCIPLINE. Call me a moralist, but see what I mean…

The reason why majority fail to accomplish their set goals is because they are not disciplined enough to follow through. No accomplishment worthy of the name can ever be achieved and sustained without discipline (It’s one thing to attain an objective, it’s another to retain it. It’s no news that great men and women often fall because of indiscipline.). To lose weight, you must be disciplined enough to exercise regularly and probably place yourself on a diet. To succeed in your education, you must be disciplined enough to read hard and carry out assignments. To succeed in your vocation, you must be disciplined. To stay healthy, you must be disciplined. To fund a project, you must be disciplined enough to save for it. To succeed in sports generally, you must be disciplined enough to practice even when your body needs rest or when it’s not convenient. You’ll never get anywhere working for yourself if you’ve got no discipline. To even clinch a ticket for heaven (for those who believe in life after death), you must be disciplined. The list is endless. To achieve any worthwhile goal, you must be disciplined enough to stick to the plan and ideals. In a nutshell, you cannot possibly go far in life without discipline. Discipline is omnipotent.

Even animals are disciplined. Generally, all animals are disciplined enough to source for food to feed their young. Ants are disciplined enough to gather and store their food. Spiders are disciplined enough to set traps at odd hours for survival. The list is endless. If mere animals can be disciplined, you should be more disciplined for your own good. The dividends of discipline are innumerable among which are peace of mind, good health, bliss-full life and success-full life.

There are distractions and temptations everywhere and they can extinguish destinies. For instance, fashion has gone awry these days and unfortunately there are beautiful ladies in different sizes and shapes everywhere (lots of laugh). The era of wearing underpants have passed for most ladies, they’ve since migrated to the “g-strings” era. Some have even improvised, they no longer see the need to wear underpants or g-strings. Before it was only guys that sag trousers, but now ladies have joined the game. Before now, some ladies have the habit of opening some buttons to expose the cleavage, but now some don’t even wear bras anymore. You will agree with me that there are lots of distractions for men who are moved by what they see (lots of laugh). As a man, you cannot stop all ladies from indecent dressing, but you can choose to discipline your eyes, your feet and your tongue from “inviting trouble” (Word!). Distractions/temptations are adversaries, fight them. Discipline is the antidote.

You are not alone. Personally, I also have some issues to deal with. Writing has consistently exposed me to some areas of my life that needs improvement and I’m gradually becoming a better person because I don’t want to coach others to achieve a successful life while I’ll be found wanting. Discipline is a life-long struggle against self.

Discipline is everything. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do something that is not in your own interest. You don’t have to do anything that is morally wrong. Be disciplined.

Who’s in control of your life? What’s in control of your life? Save yourself of future regrets by resisting the “sins” that easily beset you before they destroy you. Steer clear of destiny extinguishers. Get on the driver’s seat! Take charge of your life! Partner with destiny! Succeed!

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This is TOO GOOD n it is the SIMPLE TRUTH, ride on