Friday 18 January 2008


While growing up, I literally looked unto some acquaintances of mine for help but was mostly disappointed with the way things turned out. In fact, not until when I started working did I forgive some of my relations and friends that I thought could have helped me up when I needed it most, but who didn’t. Now that some are looking up to me, in as much as I would have loved to, I can’t help as many as I wish because I also have issues to deal with - I have to think of my personal needs, my immediate family, plan for my future before I can now think of assisting others. My wants have remained insatiable while my resources are limited for now, and that limits my might. I’m even sure that I must have disappointed some loved ones that looked up to me for one help or the other at some point or the other too. I can now see why I didn’t get all the help I needed then. Should those that have let me down in the past be condemned? Or should I be condemned? Certainly not, everybody is just trying to make ends meet.

After series of experiences time and again during my few years of sojourn on earth, I have reasonably concluded that if anyone desires to succeed in this world of reality, such a person will have to personally carry his cross. Show me a man dependent on his fellow men, and I’ll show you a man that’ll soon be disappointed. Fellow, human beings will ever fail you, not because they are selfish, but because they are also limited to some degree. So resolve to face your challenges squarely. If help comes along the line, fair enough; grab it and be grateful. If not, there should still be no deterrent. Decide to breakthrough anyhow.

Your best hands are yours. Never resolve to waiting endlessly for help, the time and effort you put into pursuing and expecting help from others can be used creatively in proffering solutions to your set undertakings. And besides, some undertakings are not transferable, you have to do it yourself if you must get the desired result. So be ready to always carry your cross at all times. Stop trading blames; accept the responsibilities that are yours.

Now, pause to re-evaluate your situation and then re-strategize. There must be a way around your situation without you having to depend on others, so start thinking of solutions. I can’t promise you that it’ll be easy though, there’ll come a time when your strength will fail you. When it does, just hang in there; don’t give up! Whatever the situation may be, however hopeless the odds are, you can make it. It’ll call for careful planning, sacrifice and determination though, but it’s achievable.

Be it known to you that those you’re looking up to for help are also looking unto others for help, so avail yourself of disappointments. Close your eyes to those around you that you feel could help but are not helping; be prepared to go it all alone and you’ll be surprised at how providence will move to your aid. You can be independent and yet make waves. You can even outshine your contemporaries. You can achieve excellence without being a pest.

Heed the words of wisdom and prosper. Be reminded that you’ve only got but one shot at life, so it’s up to you to paint a masterpiece or a meaningless daub out of it. After all, it’s your life!

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