Friday 4 April 2008


If life is without stumbling blocks, everyone will definitely attain greatness. If everyone becomes great, the world will loose its meaning because there will be no one to serve. Nature being so kind, the Universe often punctuates our paths with stumbling blocks so that the world’s population can be segregated into different strata; those that surmount the stumbling blocks will succeed in attaining their goals, while those that give in to them will not only fail in attaining their goals, they will also be compelled to serve the successful to survive. Amazing, isn’t it?

I know of a fast growing telecommunication firm in Africa that lost out of the bid for GSM license some years ago. Despite the huge some of money the firm lost to the bid, the management of the firm was undeterred. The firm repackaged itself and later bided for a more comprehensive telecommunication license and interestingly the firm won the bid. Today, the firm is a success story having literally turned the stumbling block into a stepping stone. The firm has not only spread its tentacles across many countries in Africa, it has also succeeded in competing with other telecommunication firms that had been in existence decades before the firm was even incorporated. You will agree with me that if the management of the firm had given up with the pursuit of the telecommunication license when faced with the stumbling block, the feat wouldn’t have been realized. Therefore, I postulate that “To give in to a stumbling block is to trade impending success for defeat.” Call it a hypothesis, but see what I mean…

Our Universe is a testing ground; a place where everyone is tested before qualifying. Since you cannot retain nor value what you obtain cheaply, life demands that you qualify for every objective before it is relinquished to you. So, to qualify for success in life, you must pass the tests that life brings your way; you must scale the hurdles. Unfortunately, majority give up when stumbling blocks cross their paths which explains why only a fraction of the world’s population succeeds. Thus, it is pertinent for everyone desirous of success to always turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

So what is a stumbling block? How can it be converted into a stepping stone?

A stumbling block can be said to be a test of your desire and faith to attain an objective. It disguises in form of a challenge to discourage one from pursuing the objective. Interestingly, success is usually at the other side of a stumbling block.

Despite its cunning, you can beat the masquerade called stumbling block to it by using it as a stepping stone. When faced with a stumbling block, first analyze it properly to discover the loophole(s); there must be other ways and better ways the hurdle can be scaled. Then, re-strategize and reposition yourself to scale the hurdle. If you can’t go over the stumbling block, go around it. Change plan or technique if you have to. By all means, ensure that it doesn’t hinder you from achieving the set objective.

Since your ability to surmount stumbling blocks will determine the stratum into which the Universe will segregate you, it is advisable that you always overcome challenges instead of giving in to them. Never, never, never take “NO” for an answer. Be innovative. Be resolute. Be forceful. Be indomitable. Be triumphant.

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