Friday 18 April 2008


Admittedly, life is not without challenges and these challenges could be so overwhelming at times that one might doubt the possibility of ever finding solutions. But even so, I have come to realize that “no situation is as terrible as it appears and that every challenge has a solution”. Call it a propaganda, but see what I mean…

After dusk comes dawn; it’s irrefutable. No matter how difficult a challenge might be, it can’t last forever; it must surrender to time or solution. Interestingly, when challenges are surmounted, then comes victory, newness, liberty, and promotion. Even when a challenge overwhelms you, you can decide to still take advantage of the defeat. No situation is hopeless.

The word “solution” in itself was coined to indirectly mean “hope” because the dictionary meaning of solution is “dealing with a difficult situation”. The fact that a difficult situation can be dealt with means there’s hope! Everything is possible to those that believe in possibilities. So, I charge you not to loose hope in any situation under any circumstance. What is the challenge?

Are you in debt? Suicide is not your best option. If you hang in there, with hard work and perseverance, you will not only repay your debt, you will also make more money than you ever imagined (it has happened before).

Is it unwanted pregnancy? Don’t abort, that child might turn out to be your only hope later in life (it has happened before).

Have you failed the same examination over and over again? Don’t give up, there’s hope! Do it again!

Even if you’re HIV/AIDS positive, there’s still hope. Apart from the fact that cure is on its way, having a premonition of death even gives you the opportunity to prepare for life after death. Besides, anti-retroviral drugs can still buy you some extra years and it’s not impossible that a miracle will happen whereby the virus will just disappear of its own accord if you have faith (it has happened before).

Whatever the situation may be, your breakthrough is certain if you endure. In actual fact, life will be meaningless (a bad joke) without the hope of a better tomorrow. And life can’t possibly be a huge joke because it’s real; all you have to do to give meaning to your life is to fully understand life’s laws and its applications so that you can use them to your advantage. Life is not without hope. Even ordinarily, every challenge comes with its solution, just that it’ll take thinkers to decipher the solution. No matter the situation, you can rise! Your latter end can be better. The outcome of that challenging situation can even make you a better person. I know so because I have seen a victim becoming a victor before. I have also seen a loser becoming a winner before. I have also seen a disadvantage turning into an advantage before.

Since there’s hope for a tree that was cut down to sprout again because it’s still rooted in the soil, because you are still alive, there’s hope for you in this life, and even beyond the grave. So whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, I implore you not to loose hope. Be resolute. Be innovative. Be receptive. Be optimistic. Think right. Plan right. Act right.

Hope it. See it. Work it. Live it.

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