Friday 8 February 2008


I recall with nostalgia how I failed a particular course in my university days. It happened that a friend invited me to trip to a neighboring institution with him and I obliged even though I had an examination the next day in a course I was not grounded in. Even though I had a feeling that I should revise a particular topic, I didn’t because I couldn’t resist the trip. Unfortunately for me, that particular topic I failed to revise dominated the examination questions and so I got the straight “E” grade that I deserved in the examination. This experience and many others too private to mention that I’ve had, coupled with some other people’s nasty experiences that I’ve heard of, have proved to me beyond reasonable doubt that those that cannot say “NO” when they ought to might have a difficult time succeeding in this world of ours.

We are all susceptible to making wrong decisions. Even great men and religious leaders say “YES” at times when they ought to say “NO”. Personally, I’m still grappling with my choices in so much that I doubt if I have the locus standi to write on this subject. But still, the truth must be propagated so that the wise can be guided.

That majority cannot say “NO” when they ought to is one of the maladies of our world today: Many marriages have been broken because either one or both of the partners didn’t say “NO” to infidelity. Many restless youths have met their untimely deaths while some have been jailed because they couldn’t say “NO” to crime. Lots of business men and women have been duped because they could not resist some business opportunities. Many have been sacked from their jobs because they could not say “NO” when they ought to. A lot of teenage girls have been impregnated because they could not say “NO” to premarital sex. Many people are living with HIV/AIDS today because they couldn’t say “NO” to sex. Everywhere is full of “had I known” stories. But it doesn’t have to be so! Your weak flesh shouldn’t toss you wherever it wills. You don’t have to be your own enemy. You don’t have to watch helplessly while your decisions and actions ruin you. You have a say!

The ability to say “NO” in this world full of temptations is a virtue. Before embarking on any plan of action, always lay out your options and their consequences in relation to your goal(s). If your decision(s) or action(s) will adversely affect you, there is no point embarking on the suicidal mission(s). If you’ve embarked on some suicidal mission(s) already, it’s time to abort. Redefine your goals and vehemently resist the temptation(s) of taking the wrong step(s) that will take you off target.

The laws that govern our universe will not change because of you. That your decisions will affect your actions and your actions the outcome is absolute and eternal, so make a conscious effort to always make good decisions so that you can always create the desired outcome. To save yourself from regrets and to be successful, you’ve got to learn to say “NO” when you ought to. Always calculate, with precision, the end from the beginning before taking action so that you can fulfill your purpose in the land of the living. He that hath an ear, let him hear.

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plastiQ said...

Brother, they say the thing about know, the little bit that distinguishes the successful from the failures (even they...). The thread that seperates the adventurous from the meek and ultimately summarises our lives are the choices we make. Nice stuff bro