Friday 22 February 2008


Here’s the story of a man who tried to get his goat into his compound by force. He chased the goat back and forth but the goat won’t just enter the compound. When his daughter saw how the dad was sweating it out just to get the goat into the compound, she decided to intervene. And so she took some maize from the house, gave some to the goat and continued to feed the goat till she entered the compound. As soon as the goat entered the compound with her, she closed the gate and that settled it – she was able to lure the goat into the compound without sweating. The goat had maize to eat and she also got the goat inside the compound - what a win-win situation! Verily I say unto thee, wisdom can suffice where strength cannot help. Call it another bogus statement, but see what I mean…

Wisdom is more potent than strength. Off course strength has its place, but the application of strength without wisdom leads nowhere. If you’re conversant with troubleshooting devices, you will know what I mean (if you’ve never been stuck, you probably won’t understand though). To proffer the best solution to any issue, you must first thoroughly understand the issue. Else, your effort(s) might be in vain. For instance, you don’t need to fight with darkness to chase it away; all you have to do is to turn on the light because darkness cannot handle light – that simple. If you’re to achieve an excellent result, you have to do it the best way it ought to be done; the smart way.

The disparity between wisdom and strength is very wide. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, wisdom is the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have while strength is the quality of being physically strong. Even from the two definitions alone, you can easily deduce that the former is based on reason while the latter on might. Strength might not help you untie a secure knot, but wisdom can. The effectiveness of a team is not dependent on the numbers that makes up the team but the process in place. More often than naught, winners in wrestling matches are not usually the strongest, but those with skills. You can use your strength to pursue a cause without success while wisdom can get you results without you having to expend any energy. A sensible suggestion can bring about a radical change that hours of toiling cannot. Strength can get you results, but wisdom can get you better results faster. You can get yourself out of trouble by applying wisdom. You can even prevent a major catastrophe by applying wisdom. You can attract the desired by applying wisdom. The list is endless.

We’re living in a complex world full of questions and only those that can answer life’s questions will obtain life’s treasures. Successful living is an art and only the wise will excel. In this world full of tasks, challenges, endless options, traps, evils, to name a few, wisdom is all you need to sail through, not strength; you cannot possibly excel distinctly in life without applying wisdom in all areas of your life. So, I charge you to wise up: apply wisdom in all your undertakings (at home, at work, in your relationships, etc.) so that you can achieve good results.

Don’t sweat it, go the wisdom way - the easy way. Seek knowledge. Seek counsel. Think. Plan right. Act right. Triumph!

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