Friday 29 February 2008


Some years ago, one (1) lucky sperm cell from your biological father fertilized the ovum from your biological mother and then a zygote was formed. Your sex was determined at fertilization by the chromosome from your biological father’s sperm. At 21 days after conception, your heart began to beat. At 25 days, your body started developing – your head and trunk appeared and tiny arm buds began to form, followed by leg buds. At 30 days, your brain, eyes, ears, mouth, kidneys, liver, and umbilical cord were all in place. Then, the you as a zygote later developed into a foetus after eight (8) weeks. Several other astonishing growth and development took place and then all your glands and organs were formed one after the other and then eventually you were made whole. When the womb could no longer contain you, you were delivered.

Your making was a success. At birth, you came out a masterpiece - as an amazing being containing several organs with fantastic works and capabilities. You were implanted with talents. You are whole and complete. You are an epitome of life. You were built to last. By reason of your birth as a Homo sapiens, you are an heir to the Universe. You were made to subdue the earth, so you don’t have limitations except the ones you place on yourself. You are a survivor - even when you had not come into consciousness, you still survived in the womb, and so now that you are conscious, you can survive in any situation. You can turn around any situation you find yourself. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.

You are not a coincidence, there’s a reason for your existence. That you’re still breathing is an indication that you are yet to fulfill your mission, else you would have been dead as a dodo. You were commissioned for exploits. For your sake, several sperm cells perished just to allow the sperm that fertilized that single ovum to form you. You were not aborted during the pregnancy stage neither were you consumed by all the diseases that plagued children. Season after season, you have been spared from all manner of accidents that had claimed the life of many. You have been groomed to glow.

Your sojourn on this earth is but for a short time. Someday, the breath of life will depart from you but before it does, you should make good use of the endowments entrusted in you. The Universe is waiting for the manifestation of the glory within you, so, find your purpose and fulfill your mission because it is in so doing that you can attain greatness. Consciously take your fate out of the hands of chance by building the future of your dreams. Make your life count!

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