Tuesday 30 December 2008


I was in a courier shop yesterday to send a parcel and a conversation ensued between the cashier and I after he asked me for a tip. In less than 15 minutes, the middle-aged man had summarized his life history for me. He especially lamented bitterly about the company he presently works for. According to him, a recent assessment revealed to him that he has not achieved any worthwhile thing since he joined the company four (4) years ago. He then decided that he was going to quit the job by the end of this year because it’s certain that his story will remain the same by the end of next year if he doesn’t leave the job. I was so impressed with his realization, resolve and workable plan so much that I congratulated him as if he won a million dollar lottery. I congratulated him because he has seen the need to leave his comfort zone and he’s prepared to pay the price. With that, I’m confident that he will eventually arrive at the level of satisfaction which he desires soon if he sticks to the plan.

Anybody that doesn’t see the need for change when change is highly needed is finished - dead as a dodo. I’m of the opinion that a problem is half solved when you have identified that there is a problem; identification precedes solution. Just as this fed-up cashier, we all should equally assess our lives from time to time (especially now when a year is rounding up and another just around the corner) against our projected benchmarks and then make the necessary moves that’ll take us closer to our “expected ends”. First and foremost, it’s important that you define your expected end in life. If it’s not defined, you might be tempted to settle for anything. Once it’s defined, the expected end will serve as a benchmark which will dictate your direction and steps in life. Once you’re on the right track, it is then pertinent that you periodically assess your growth to see how you’re doing. This should be done as truthfully as possible because you cannot afford to lie to yourself. If you’re doing well, work out ways that will make you do better. If you’re not doing very well, face it and re-strategize. Ask yourself…what is success to me? What contributed to my shortcomings this year? What amends do I have to make to avert possible shortcoming(s) in the coming year? Which areas did I record unprecedented success? Can the success be sustained and improved upon? How can I improve on it? Do I need outright change of location? Do I need outright change of vocation? Do I need outright change of methods? Periodically do a thorough assessment of your individual situation and make corrections and adjustments accordingly where necessary so that the rest of your life can be the best of your life.

I wish you a success-full year 2009.



Thanks for this wonderful Edition. Rely it's very difficult to make some decisions especially when u don't know the end point (who can rely no the end point ?). Is there actually a time to take risk in making decision about your situation in life. Thanks my Friend

Ibukunolu said...

There's no such thing as 'the right time' to take risks, although you must do your assignments and make necessary preparations before taking the leap. There'll always be risks, but the fact remains that you'll never discover new islands if you don't leave the shore.

Read my write-up christened 'FOR PROVIDENCE TO MOVE IN YOUR FAVOUR, YOU MUST COMMIT YOURSELF' on my blog, you'll find some firsthand testimonies there. Not to worry, I'll share the testimonies of my recent 'stunt' as soon as I overcome.

Dare to take risks, therein lies unimaginable breakthroughs.

Anonymous said...

James Bond. Nice write up. I know 'exactly' what you are talking about. And it makes sense...can you remember FUTO VC's security guy that was boasting about how many years e had spent in that position?

Ibukunolu said...

@ plastiQ:

How can I ever forget the guy who prides in being a 'door keeper' (I stripped him off the title 'FUTO VC's securty' - lol) for over 20 years? If he's still alive, I bet he'll still be in FUTO. And if he doesn't 'repent', then he's doomed!
'Our days' in Imo State is history already, funny ain't it? Hmmm, certainly we've come a long way - thank God for His faithfulness.
I must also commend you for the good job you're doing on werunthings.com, I'm proud of you brother. Keep the flag flying.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring article and nice site Ibk. Your gift is already making room for you...lol!!


Heya! This is my first time on your blog. I love your blog. I will be back. Stay

fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. Ciao.

~ Secret Diary

andy tait said...

hi olu
ive browsed and read through this and it makes a lot of sense
keep up the goodwork