Friday 19 December 2008


This world of ours is very delicate. One has to be very careful if one will live long and live well. I have come to realize that one can get himself/herself enemies by just being oneself not to even mention when one is ambitious and excelling. These so-called enemies are relatives, friends, and colleagues that wish they had something that you have. If care is not taken, these jealous associates can hinder you from maximizing your potentials. They are selfish and mean. They use the opportunity of being close to secretly and at times openly cause harm. They can go to any length to inhibit or destroy you simply because you’re outshining them, although they will never openly admit that they are envious of you. They will say terrible things about you just to wreck you. They can even attempt to kill you so as to totally extinguish your dreams. They not only use physical powers, some fight with spiritual means. Scary and bizarre, isn’t it? But that’s just the way it is. From cradle to the grave, it’s warfare all the way. It’s not just peculiar to human beings alone or to our generation, it’s like that for all living things and it has always been like that and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. After all, fish eats fish. Chickens peck each other too. The list is endless.

Shall we then shrink so as to avoid jealousy and consequently harm? Far be it, our playing small does not profit the world. We should still strive to make an impact nevertheless. How can one then possibly escape the wicked devices of the adversaries and their antics of deception? Caution and wisdom are the keys. As the Yorubas will advise, “Bisu eni ba ta, ama n di owo bo jeni” which literally means “If one’s yam yields well, one should eat it quietly without courting attention.” Your exploits should not enter your head so much that you begin to disrespect others; you must be able to balance it. Be cautious. Never make people feel inferior, always treat people with respect and courtesy. Show interests in their affairs but know where to draw the boundary. Be humble. Learn to stomach nonsenses. Be temperate in all things at all times. Thread softly.

As the Yorubas will also say, “Ifura loogun agba” meaning “Cautiousness is the medicine of elders”. Be sensitive. Be on the alert at all times. Be ready for confrontations and most importantly arm yourself “spiritually” too so that you can wrestle successfully against principalities and powers.

I wish you the very best in this battlefield called life. Be well.

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dominion said...

Ibukunoluwa Ishola Olabode indeed u are a talented writer.