Friday 26 October 2007


One of the compensations of life is that we can partake in the molding of our future. Day by day, season by season, we are given the opportunity to invest in our future. Alas, few key-in to this provision which explains why majority feed from hand to mouth.

That we reap what we sow is an undeniable, universal law put in place by Mother Nature to reward the diligent or curse the indolent as the case may be. Nature is even so kind that, more often than naught, the output is often in geometric progression to the seed sown. Isn’t life beautiful?

However, the law doesn’t work in vacuum; there can’t be an increase if no seed is sown. It doesn’t matter how little you can sow at any given time, what matters is that you sow. I’m yet to come across a man that doesn’t want to be comfortable, but not all men will succeed in the quest for comfort because only few can make the required sacrifice(s). Millionaires worthy of the name understand and employ the law of sowing and reaping to their advantage which explains why they succeed where others fail. Even if you inherit wealth, without constant sowing, the wealth will diminish. This law also applies to our dealings with our fellow men - no deed goes unrewarded as our actions attract the corresponding reward(s). Thus, it’s advisable that you refrain from sowing into other people’s lives anything you cannot pray to reap because you will inevitably reap whatever you sow.

Care must however be taken so as not to sow in vain. You should plant right because a seed yields its kind (You cannot plant cassava and expect to harvest legume; it contradicts the law of sowing and reaping). Also, there’s time apportioned for sowing and reaping respectively (Sowing during the wrong season could be tantamount to not sowing at all). Be informed, watch what you sow.

The little details we often overlook matters. Can you distinguish between an asset and a liability? How much of your earnings do you set aside as savings? Do you invest? Don’t be deceived, there is no exception to the law of sowing and reaping - if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully. And if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly.

Beloved, some things can wait! Deny yourself of some luxuries now so that you can secure a glorious future. The future is now, make hay while the sun shines.

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