Friday 14 September 2007


One of the major problems militating against the destinies of many today is their closed minds. How far you can see determines how far you will go, yet majority cannot see the big picture not to even talk of fathoming how to get there. Instead of simply playing their parts, they blame circumstances for their woes. The fact remains that a man's altitude is a function of how best he thinks. Verily I say unto you, to usher in a new life, you need to go into the high country of the mind.

Our universe is so intricate in its operations. Our thoughts induce our actions and our actions produce results. Many lack today because their minds are enslaved. Many unconsciously retard their growth as a result of their low expectations from life. Believe me, the cart would have still been the fastest means of transportation if the other means of transportation were not thought of. Barbers would have still been stuck with manual clippers if the idea of having clippers that work with electricity were not thought of. We would have still been stuck with the traditional snail mail but for the advent of Electronic Mail. All what it takes is a man that can see things in a different perspective, and to see things in a different perspective, you must go into the high country of the mind!

You'll agree with me that it sucks for one to crawl when he has the capacity to soar! If you're conscious of who you are, you won't take whatever life brings your way. Knowing your potentials and where you are heading gives you the nerve to thrust into heights unimagined. No wonder why Leonardo Da Vinci said that "If you had tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you'll long to return." If you've ever taken a trip into the high country of the mind, you won't ever consent to creep!

What do you want from life? Have you painted the big picture in your mind? Do you have the desire to join the caucus of successful people and you seem not to be getting closer to your dreams? Don't despair, irrespective of your sex, age, and location, your desires are still attainable, but you must go into the high country of the mind!

Don't settle for an average life when you can reach the summit! Take the trip! Emancipate yourself from mediocrity, soar with the eagles!

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beniwhiwhu said...

guy, u are doing just great with your motivational and inspirational citations. pls keep it up!

i beleave u r reaching far more than enongh people than u think with this.

the sky is ur skating board!!!!