Thursday 12 July 2007


No matter how gifted you are, you cannot possibly succeed without the help of others. Imagine what it would be like if you have to solely make your cloths, solely plant your food, solely build your house, solely fix your car, solely provide electricity for your household, solely manufacture your shoe, solely make your furniture, to name a few. If you have to do it all alone, I kid you not, your lifespan will be reduced even if you’re a super human! Since we cannot possibly do everything all by ourselves, how then can we achieve more while conserving energy? How can others come in handy to further our cause? Synergy is to the rescue.

Though we might not have taken cognizance of it, but the fact remains that in the course of achieving a task worthy of the name, we often synergize in one way or the other. Even the creator knows the importance of synergy, no wonder why He made two hands (comprising of an average of 5 fingers each), two ears, two eyes, two legs (comprising of an average of 5 toes each), two eyes, two lungs, two breasts (in the case of women for breastfeeding), two kidneys, to name a few to help and complement each other. In entirety, man himself can be said to be a product of synergy; the fusion of sperm and ovum.

I have come to a reasonable conclusion that selfishness and pride are the reasons why majority want to go it all alone; asking for help hurts their ego and they always want to take all the glory! It will interest you to know that you can achieve so much more in so little time if you accept the fact that you cannot possibly be skilled in all areas and if it doesn’t matter who takes the credit. A writer might not be able to design graphics, he may not even know the basics of printing, yet he can have his book in fine prints if he synergizes with a good graphics artist and printer. Truly, it’s a lot easier working as a team than slugging-it-out individually; it saves time, energy, and most importantly it brings better results.

As limitless as man’s abilities are, he’s still not all-inclusive. A social being by making, man needs the help of others to thrive. No wonder why John Maxwell remarked that “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.” It behooves us to swallow our pride and embrace synergy so we can achieve more. Be wise: don’t work harder, work smarter.

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