Friday 27 July 2007


There’s nothing worth doing in this world that does not involve any form of risk(s). Many have slipped and died in their bathrooms while taking their baths but that does not mean we would stop having our baths. Many have died of auto accidents in the process of finding their daily bread but that is not an excuse for remaining indoors. That people die in their sleep is no news but we must sleep. Many businessmen have gone bankrupt because they wanted to enlarge their estates. Many have lost their lives as a result of failed surgical operations. Many scientists have lost their lives in some laudable exploits. Countless number of individuals have lost so much money to credit cards/ATM cards fraudsters but that does not negate the fact that the cards makes life easier. Shall we then remain stagnant for the fear of the unknown without taking a conscious effort to better our lot? Shall we shrink without putting up a fight? Certainly not a wise thing to do.

Consciously or unconsciously, we all take one form of risk or the other in the course of fulfilling our daily obligation(s). Life is all about risks. Unfortunately, many cower when they realize they have to take a risk to proceed to the next level and as such they limit themselves. Without gainsay, the ability to take calculated risk(s), amongst other things, will determine the level of success an individual will attain in life.

Our splendid universe is always partial to the bold. As unfair as life can be, a destiny can still be enhanced by a single act of boldness. Amazing things happen when one decides to leave his comfort zone. You loose all the probability of winning if you do not take a risk when an opportunity presents itself. Dare to take a risk. “Great enterprises are only achieved by adventurous spirits. They who calculate with too great nicety every difficulty and obstacle which is likely to lie in their way, lose that time in hesitation, which the more daring seize and render available to the loftiest purposes.” said Jean De la Fontaine.

Care should however be taken not to take foolish risks, the risk(s) must be carefully calculated putting into consideration the worst scenario in mind should the plan fail. Face it, some mountains cannot be easily climbed, but you can certainly maneuver your way around them. Be flexible. Analyze properly and think through. Look before you leap.

Stagnation, frustration, and mediocrity are often the portion of those that do not take risks. Are you tired of your status? Do you need an enlargement of coast? Then, it’s time to take a risk! How can you ever discover new islands if you don’t have the courage to lose sight of the shore? Go on a journey via uncharted route. Take a gargantuan step. Say ‘yes’ to progression, break the jinx!

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