Friday 21 March 2008


Despite the fact that opportunities abound everywhere, only few dynamic individuals maximize them which explains why only a fraction of the world’s population make it to the winner’s caucus. Frankly, not all professions can even make you financially independent. But if you’re dynamic, you can achieve it irrespective of your vocation. Thus, dynamism is the key to survival in our ever changing world. Call it another ambiguous statement, but see what I mean…

Since human wants are insatiable, you can’t even take care of your pressing needs not to even talk of saving or investing for the future if your resources are defined and limited. Thus, the need for you to add to your means cannot be overemphasized if you are to achieve more. Being dynamic is one of the ways you can add to your means. So what is dynamism? How can a person be dynamic? How can being dynamic help one succeed?

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, “dynamism is the energy and enthusiasm to make new things happen or to make things succeed.” A dynamic person is always changing and making progress. Unfortunately, many are too rigid and lazy; which explains why they are static. I know of a Home Economics teacher who is an expert in making anything with flour: meat pie, fish pie, doughnut, sausage, cake, name it. She’s also skilled in interior decorations. But instead of her to use her skills to augment her meager salary since she closes from work as early as 2pm, she goes home to sleep after school when some of her colleagues even use the time to coach students for extra cash. She could even bake cakes, pies, and other snacks to sell in schools, or she could even own a small shop to sell after school hours for extra cash but instead she’s waiting for a big raise to come from heaven so that she can open a big eatery. She could also collect interior decoration jobs for a fee, but instead she’s waiting for the time she’ll have all the money to buy all the accessories needed before she would start. Is she not the enemy of herself? Judge.

Unfortunately, majority are in the category of this Home Economics teacher in our world today. They cry for breakthrough when all they need to do to alleviate their situation is to utilize the opportunities around them. You don’t necessarily have to get a job with an oil company before you achieve financial independence, all you have to do is to maximize the opportunities around you irrespective of your vocation. Even a messenger can take part in network marketing like GNLD, Tianshi, to name a few and eventually become a millionaire. A cyber cafĂ© attendant can take part in FOREX trading and eventually make more money than the owner of the cyber cafe in a month. The list is endless.

Thus, this is a call for all and sundry that desires a higher ground to be dynamic. Don’t be stiff, always be on the look-out for opportunities and move with the trend. Use your present ground as a means to attain a higher ground. Find the advantages within your vocation and fully utilize them to your betterment. Even convert the disadvantages into advantages. By all means, add more means to your means.

Success does not come in a vacuum; you have to earn it. The breakthrough you’re looking for is not far-fetched, just that it’s tied to your ability to think and work out solutions. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your vocation may be, you can succeed. Financial independence is not a birthright of the few neither is it a mirage, it can be attained. So, I charge you to assess your vocation thoroughly and think of opportunities you can tap into and then act on them because your success depends on them.

Don’t rest on your oars. Keep progressing. Keep evolving. Keep attaining.

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