Friday 23 November 2007


None is perfect, so no one can possibly go through life without making mistakes. Life itself is so full of temptations that derailing from the path of success is very easy. We’ll always have decisions to make and our decisions will often determine our actions and our actions in turn will determine the results we get from life. Since we are not infallible, we are bound to make wrong decisions at times. However, the crime is not in ever fumbling, the crime lies in not retracing one’s steps after making blunders. Most times, our destinies are not sealed after erring, we still have chances to retrace our steps and make corrections. Alas, majority do not retrace their steps after fumbling and in so doing they seal their fate. Whereas, should they have taken a conscious effort to retrace their steps, they would have had another opportunity to right the wrong(s). Therefore, the need for a constant re-evaluation of our lives and the retracing of our steps whenever we err cannot be overemphasized if we are to live a meaningful life.

No matter how terrible your mistakes in the past might be, you can still start afresh because you are alive. To the dismayed teenage mother… who says you cannot still succeed in life because you got pregnant in high school? To the drug addict… who says you cannot still live a normal life if you stay off drugs? To the prisoner…who says you cannot make impact even while in prison and after your release from the prison? Whatever the case, however peculiar and hopeless the odds might be, there’s still hope! You are not doomed yet, you can still retrace your steps. You can rise.

Where are you heading...towards ruin or success? Re-examine your life. Don’t be stuck on the wrong direction. Don’t recklessly pass through life when there is remedy. No matter how messy the situation might be, you can still bounce back, but for daring. Swallow your pride, identify your mistakes and refrain from repeating them, re-strategize, dedicate yourself to the newly-hatched goals, and then bring the desired into fruition. You can do it. Just like the automobile, you have been endowed with an engine that powers your being called the brain, eyes to discern with hands and legs as steering with which you can steer your future, and the heart with which you can will which acts like the gear that controls your acceleration through life. What is there to trounce you?

Victor, I charge you to slug it out with life to take back that which rightfully belongs to you. Success is your heritage, take it!

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