Friday 31 August 2007


The world runs in a cycle. When some are being born into the world, some will be exiting. When some are in their youth, some will be in their old age. This invariably presents a wonderful opportunity for the younger ones to learn from those that have succeeded in life; a chance to consolidate on the achievements of pioneers to make much more giant strides. Beloved, attaining great heights in life will be a lot easier if you learn from those that have triumphed.

The world has witnessed many great inventions, but none of these inventions came in isolation; inventions are often interdependent. For instance, the inventor of the Internet didn't have to produce any other wonder machine like computer, all he had to do to make a difference was to make computers inter-connect! Similarly, manufacturers of electrical appliances do not worry themselves about finding a substitute for electricity, they just go ahead to make appliances that use electricity! Consolidating certainly yields faster results.

"If I can see farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants." said Isaac Newton. If such a great scientist could confess that he still had to stand on the shoulders of some giants, how much more you! You don't necessarily have to start from the scratch to make a meaningful impact in this world, you can ride on the wings of gurus!

What do you desire? Is there an earlier discovery that can help you further your cause? Do you need to undergo the tutelage of a mentor? Save yourself a lot of stress and time, look around you and identify where to plug-in to fully utilize your potentials. Be informed. Think deeply. Apply the knowledge. Achieve!!!

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