Thursday 28 June 2007


If you probably think that this universe (the whole of space and everything in it, including the earth, the planets and the stars) of ours just came into existence, then you should think again. There are mysteries in this world and it will be a huge joke that all things came into being as explained by scientists through the Big Bang Theory (an idea which states that everything around us was once condensed in a state of massive density and temperature. As space expands, so does our universe. Over the course of billions of years, the planets and galaxies we know of and the ones we don’t have been slowly moving outward). I believe that the universe was created and controlled by the supernatural because the complex processes of nature cannot be comprehended by any mortal. Call me a religious fanatic, but see what I mean…

It cannot be a coincidence that the human brain contains some one hundred billion neurons which are capable of electrical and chemical communication with tens of thousands of other nerve cells. It cannot be a coincidence that there are more than one hundred billion galaxies (the system of stars that contains our sun and its planets, seen as a bright band in the night sky) in our universe. It cannot be a coincidence that the human heart beats more than two and a half billion times in an average lifetime without ever pausing to rest. That we have seasons and that they have never ceased cannot be an accident.

Now let’s narrow it down to the sun. What can we ever do without the star called sun? The movement of the earth around the sun is responsible for day and night. Water is indispensable but even the water cycle cannot be complete without the help of the sun. We cannot even feed without the sun as plants get their food through photosynthesis (the process by which green plants turn carbon dioxide and water into food using energy from sunlight). Sunlight is now used to generate solar energy. Sun is also universally used as a drying agent. The innumerable uses of the sun cannot all be mentioned. And yet the sun cannot be said to be a happenstance; an amazing architect must have intelligently put it in place.

Face it, the existence of the universe is too complicated for the Big Bang Theory. I need no soothsayer to conclude that someone must have orchestrated the universe; it has to be God! Call him the Absentee Landlord. Call Him the Supreme Being. Call Him the Sun God if you wish. Call Him Allah if it pleases you. I call Him Jehovah; the God of Abraham. There is no searching of His understanding. He is the Rose of Sharon, the Lion of Judah, the Lord of Lords, and the Prince of Peace. My God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He is the pillar that holds my life. He’s the source of my wisdom, my strength. Without Him, I can do nothing. He is a covenant-keeping God; I judge Him faithful.

It’s amazing how we consult a user manual when we purchase any new equipment but often fail to acknowledge the Creator talk less of consulting Him for direction in our dealings. You are not an afterthought; the Creator has a plan for your life and it’s wise to seek his counsel in your sojourn on this earth so that your life can be meaningful. Nothing is guaranteed in this world of ours without the permission and help of the supernatural. You need a backbone; a helper, a shelter in the time of storm. You may be a genius with dreams and aspirations; you may even be hardworking and full of purpose but verily I say unto you, you cannot succeed in life’s tempestuous sea without the supernatural help.

Who do you believe in? Is it working for you? Whatever God means to you, acknowledge Him. Stop struggling on your own, ask for His help. Connect to the source of life so you can enjoy a guided and blissful life. Good it is to listen.

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