Tuesday 8 May 2007

Thoughts are Things

Sometime ago, a TV commercial in Nigeria goes like this “…someday, cars will run on water. At Bank PHB, we’re already thinking like that.” What a thought! Believe me, before the end of our generation, cars will indeed run on water. You bet.

The thinking process is the first step in creation; all that exists are products of deep thinking. In my humble opinion, there are no impossibilities in our splendid universe. A thing could be impossible at a time, but once someone thinks of it, and dares to act on the thought(s), the impossible becomes possible. There was a time there was no such thing like electric bulb, but Thomas Edison later turned darkness into daylight. There was a time only birds ruled the skies, but the Wright brothers challenged the status quo (Though they were carpenters, they flew the first airplane!) Ever wondered why Neil Armstrong remarked that “This is a step for humanity, a great leap for mankind” after he landed on the moon? Apparently, it was impossible for man to fathom reaching the moon talk less of stepping on it at that time, but it happened anyway. Thanks to thinkers, none of these milestones would have been reached without them.

Of a truth, civilization could be said to have come a long way. But still, there is still so much to do, such things to be. An automobile cannot still drive itself. There’s still no alternative to water. There’s still no vacation package to planet Mars yet. A five star hotel is yet to be constructed on the moon. Till date, there’s still no cure for AIDS. The list is endless. “The glories we have known are as nothing to the glories yet to be. The mightiest achievements of the past dwindle into insignificance besides the conquests still possible” remarked Robert Heap. There’s still more to be achieved. The best book is yet to be written. The best song is yet to be composed. Man’s abilities are limitless.

Men and women who think deeply are the architects of the future. To advance, we must think. We must not only think; we must act on our thoughts. We live comfortably today with the luxury of having to travel kilometers in minutes with an automobile or airplane because some people thought of inventing the incredible machines. We’re not naked today because some thought of clothing. Our tomorrow is in our hands for us to create.
Our personal lives are no exception. To achieve our dreams, we must think. The importance of constructive thinking cannot be overemphasized as one cannot feature in a future he can’t picture. Allow your mind to roam. Think big. Act on your thoughts and nurture them into maturity.

Your thinking is the ruder which guides your ship over life’s tempestuous sea. So, think constructively, confidently, wholesomely and healthfully. Ideas, they say, rule the world. Would you rather think and rule the world or will you prefer to cheat the world of your brilliance and die with your potentials? Think twice.

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